Saturday, June 2, 2018

Weekend Fixes: Small Update 14.2.48

Hey there, heroes!

Some small bugfixes and adjustments! Yay!

Dragon Warrior:

  • Dragon's Frenzy now applies -60 All to yourself, up from -50 All.
    • Frenzy was a little bit too good when combined with certain trinket skills. This makes it just a tiny smidgeon riskier to use.

Dragon Mage:

  • Acid now properly applies -25 All, instead of just -25 Fire.

Dragon Rogue:

  • Stealth now properly applies Avoidance (BPD) instead of Defense (MPM).

Engine v. 14.2.48

  • Update to the way certain things are processed, in anticipation of future updates.
Tags: #Verlyrus