Thursday, July 30, 2015

What Remains

DragonFable Nostromo


Wednesday, July 29, 2015


You and your friends have climbed up from the depths of the Valtrith Tomb but you haven't made your escape just yet... 

In the depths of the Wastelands, on the peak of a lonely mountain, lies the ruins of Castle Nostromo, the ancestral home of the Valtrith Clan, now long abandoned... or is it? Something... pure, survives. Something unclouded by conscience, absent remorse, and without any delusions of morality. 

You are not alone.

Are you going to be the hunter or the hunted?


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Espina Rosa Revisited

DragonFable has so many talented players that we can't help but share some of the art that they share! Once again, ryunn has put up some new artwork that we just cannot help but share with all of you!

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Friday, July 24, 2015


Step... Step... The Rose is on its way...

The military branch of the Rose is that is. Compulsed by Code Orange, they have but one, narrow goal: to capture whoever broke into the Runed Fortress and made cause for the code to be decreeted. To capture... The Rebels.

There is little or no time. There are portals to the island of the fortress and the Rose can reach Espina Rosa in no time at all if it wishes to. Although you might have been tempted to free more prisoners found or exploit the seemingly upper hand of the moment as Navon put it, to destroy or damage the reputation of the Rose through the symbol that is the Runed Fortress, the opportunity is not what it seemed to be. The Stars are not aligned in your favour, Hero.

Or rather, they have been aligned against you since the beginning. What had hopefully been quick mission to infiltrate in and infiltrate out turned out to be a lengthy weeks long mission ; alone and vulnerable and similarly leaving your own allies to fend for themselves. What was aimed at being a professional infiltration turned into a tenuous and personal masquerade. When you hoped to find a floor full of the most powerful enemies of the Rose, you found only dark, twisted and hollow corridors where few traces of the mighty prisoners was left to be had and fewer answers still as to why. When the time came to escape, your guise was broken. An entire, painstakingly carried out plan that almost fell through.

Flee, Hero. Flee before the Thorns of the Rose catch you and manage to bleed you. The wise  know to retreat to better fight another day.

With Espina Rosa having come to a close, I would like to quickly thank everyone. It has been a particular experience to have been able to work with the tireless Team that heads Dragonfable and to gleen on feedback from the players as they run through and explore the quests as they have with so many others before. Suffice to say, it is an experience one learns much from.

I know that a number of you may wonder about many questions, confoundations and mysteries raised by Espina Rosa even as the main storyline moves on towards Swordhaven. Know that some time in the future... you may get the chance to know more about the strange lore that surrounds Espina Rosa.

Finally... I inquired if you liked little puzzles regardless of whether or not you might earn from them much more than the fun or satisfaction of completing them...
As a last little token of fun, I thus invite you, on the forums over the weekend if you wish, to take part in a little puzzle hunt. Nothing will be lost from not partaking but perhaps a bit of fun. You will notice, I am sure, that the strange words and utterances that wander the dark halls of the Third Floor in  today’s quest... Namely, some letters are quite distinctly different from all the rest.

I challenge you to gather those letters and to sort them out into their true meaning. All of 21 letters must be had to complete the puzzle below.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Thorns of the Rose

With the alarms blaring it's time for you to help Elryn and the others finally break free from the third floor of the Runed Fortress! Will the thorns of the Espina Rosa give up her prey so easily though?

DragonFable Baby Dragon


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Frydae vs Safiria

We have some new amazing fan art from ryunn to share! Inspired by Blood Feud and Frydae's new NPC art it's Safiria vs Frydae! There are two royal vampires... but there's only room for one in Doomwood!

DragonFable Safiria ryunnDragonFable Frydae ryunn
Blood Feud by ryunn


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Blood Feud

With the attack on the Queen's castle and Thursday taken, Safiria is out for blood. This time, though, Frydae is prepared for her assault... and while Safiria and the lycans work their way through the silver barrage outside only you, Hero, can rush through the tower to save Thursday from eternal darkness!

DragonFable Blood Feud
She mad.

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Gone to Pieces

We're all working hard on release stuff for you guys! Ashendal is working on some new weapons and items for DC packages, Verlyrus is working on ranger-y things, I'm thinking up funny fish names and descriptions, Tomix is animating his fingers down to soul-bones, and Safiria... well, Safiria seems to be falling to pieces....

DragonFable Safiria

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Lore Replicas

Greetings! Tonight we have a few small things while Tomix is finishing up the main release for this week. (It should be tomorrow so cross your fingers!)

First up is a new shop in the Book of Lore! (Clear your cache if you don't see it!) Most of these items are made by Zee, an artist from Adventure Quest. There are a couple more things coming this weekend to the shop, but I just ran out of time today to get them done. All of the weapons in the shop have a special of some sort so everyone should find something they like!

All of the DA items in the shop are available at a discount, and in 2 weeks when the shop leaves they'll be placed around the game where they fit at the full prices. The DC items will be going rare. I have another Doom Blade that Zee made though that will be added to the Doom Helm shop (which will get renamed to Doom Items) after this shop leaves in two weeks. The Doom Item shop is accessed from the Mysterious Stranger or the Mysterious Orb depending on where you are in the storyline.

Geo is doing some last minute work on the other part of tonight's release so you can hopefully expect that sooooon! Fishy Fishy!


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Blood Will Flow

This weekend blood will flow in DragonFable as Frydae's plans and machinations have finally gotten Thursday in his clutches! Queen Safiria, Raven, Lon, Chaney, and the hero are all in pursuit of the gigantic bat but don't think that Lord Frydae will be caught unprepared this time....

Will the last of the Frydae line finally fall to the vampire curse?

DragonFable Thursday Darkness Tower

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

DC Time Walking


I've got a question for those of you out there that like giving us feedback. The other A.E. games, like AQ, have items that go along with their secondary currency packages. Right now only the $5 and $10 DC packages have items. Would you like to see a time based armor for one of the higher up packages? We have a few ideas on things to do for all of the packages and we also know a lot of you are asking for a way to get a time based armor, so is this something you all would like to see?

Just so all of you know. These would be permanent additions so you could always get them. Over time we'd then add new options so you could choose which item from that DC tier that you want. The intent isn't to generate a bunch of rares, but to thank you for purchasing a package by giving you a item or class along with it. The main focus is still the DC's and supporting A.E., but the item would be a gift as a thank you.

Do you like that general idea and what other types of things would you like to see in something like that? Let us know on the forums!


Friday, July 10, 2015

The Great Petscape!

Tomix and Geo have been taking the week off, so while the mice are away, the cat and cheese will play!

In today's release, travel to Pikhan's pet store in Book 3 Osprey Cove to find a new quest for you. Somebody has set free Pikhan's stock of pets, and of course it's up to you, the hero, to collect them all back!

Note: No pets were harmed in the making of this quest.



Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Pirate Pet Problem!

Hey everyone! Verlyrus here! This week, we're bringing you a new quest by the one and only San Robin!

San Robin:

Avast, me hearties.
This week ye be visitin’ the best place in the world again, Osprey Cove!
Pikhan, the owner of the local Pet Shop, needs yer help with some monkey business!
She may be a tough lass, but secretly she really cares for the critters.
Log in on Friday to see how ye can help her! (Or not… ya can do what ye want cause a pirate is free!)


Friday, July 3, 2015

Fourth of July

Happy early Fourth of July to everyone!

This year we've got an extra special amount of items for you! Just like I did for Mother's Day and the various updates I've done for other holiday's this past year, all of the past Fourth of July weapons and items are back! The Canada Day items are also included in this because our northern friends deserve some cool items as well!

I made new levels for any of the older ones that needed them so that they go all the way to the current level cap! I also updated the specials to be a bit more competitive with today's weapons. (5 DoT per turn is soooo 2009) If you still have one of the original weapons your special got updated as well, so if you're still in that level range and want to use them you can!

Along with the older weapons and items, Dracelix made a brand new scythe for this year! This also has an "on hit" type special which means it can go off on ANY attack, not just with the basic attack button. (Think how the Doom and Destiny weapons work or even the 4oJ weapons I just updated) This effect will nerf your foes bonus by a decent amount, but it does have a low activation rate to make up for the fact it can go off on any attack.

In addition to this, if you've finished the Tomix saga for Book 3, there's a new hair shop in book 3 Ravenloss! You'll have to find him as he's a bit out of the way, but he's got some interesting new hairstyle's for your character!

We also have a brand new section on the forums called DragonFable Announcements. Scakk and Melissa4Bella worked on getting this setup for us. This is where we can put things that might not be enough for a DN post, but are still things that you all should know about. This includes things like Known Bugs, Fixed Bugs, and even the proper way to report bugs. I even made an indepth and detailed FAQ post about the changes coming to DoomKnight as I've gotten PM's, and E-mails, and lots of @'s on Twitter about it. It's a good idea to check this new section every once in a while so that you know what's going on and can get more info than just what the DN's have. While you're there you could also sign up for the forums if you haven't already and join in on any discussion in the main General Discussion area!

Geo's a bit under the weather, and has been since yesterday, so the release we were going to do in addition to these isn't quite done. As soon as she's feeling better we'll make sure it's out! I don't want to spoil the surprise of it though! (I'm taking extra Vitamin C so I don't get sick!)

We hope you all have a great weekend! We'll be back next weekend with a fun new quest! (Nothing sad I promise!)


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Undead Assault

On October 26th, 2006, Artix Entertainment premiered its first ever animated short, Artix vs. The Undead!

You can even play through Artix vs. The Undead in DragonFable's Necropolis chain! The very first war in DragonFable was the Undead Assault. Artix, always fighting for the light, has even exorcized the three spirits of Frostval!

What we're saying is he really, really, really, really likes destroying undead creatures.

Coming soon, you'll be able to help your favorite paladin in his eternal quest to rid the world of the evil undead! The original Undead Assault minigame has been resurrected by Kraken and it'll be up to you to play as Artix himself and take out all the shambling skeletons, flying eyeballs, and other disturbed dead using your trusty axe... or maybe even a little dragon fire*!

Artix Entertainment Undead Assault

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