Friday, June 29, 2012


Wargoth has become aware of your presence and is accusing you of invading his mind! Will you be able to survive as he turns the dreamscape into a fiery nightmare? Just who is The Professor and how is connected to Wargoth?

Rolith has finished programming all the upgrades to DragonLord! All four versions are now shiny and new for you guys! 


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesdays With Tomix

Tomix has finished work on the Atealean base classes and has just now started working on the DC armor for the end of Chapter 2!

Every Tuesday, we'll try to bring a new update so you can see how the armor is being built and how it can evolve from initial concept to final product! This week we're going to start with the female concept sketch. 

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Justicar Sword

True Mortal has rallied (get well soon, mister!) and created a beautiful silver sword for Eric Greydawn's birthday! You can access the Justicar shop through the News post in Falconreach. Levels 20 through 70 are available! Happy Birthday, Kensai!


Friday, June 22, 2012


Venture into the warring minds of The Professor and Wargoth tonight! Tomix has created new spooky backgrounds representing their clashing dreams as well as two new monsters!

You'll also be able to fight together with the Apprentice, courtesy of Ghost!

DragonLord Keep
The new house is now available in Dragonsgrasp for 1000 DC! If you have a dragon, you'll be able to converse with it, feed it, train it and travel! There are also new gold house items available!

Reni's Bluestar Weaponry also has the new DragonLord Helm (color custom!) for DC and the DragonCrest Scythe for gold! Click on the blue gem of the DragonCrest scythe to see it transform!

DragonLord Armor
Base DragonLord Armor skill have been updated! Let us know on the forums what you think of the skills and, if everything works and you guys like them, Rolith will update the other versions of the DragonLord Armor next week.

Updated GUI
An updated version of the GUI is also live! 


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Twisted Dreamscape

Fight your way through a twisted dreamscape tomorrow in the latest Chapter 2 quest! Just whose mind are you invading? Or defending?!

Will you be able to find your way... or will the discordant dreamscapes become your nightmare?

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

DragonLord House Update!

Just wanted to give a quick update! Dracelix has created an awesome new house for DragonLords with a cave for your dragon and everything! At the moment, though, we're having issues getting the dragon to display and I don't want to roll it live without the cave (cause the cave is awesome) so it won't be going in tonight. We'll keep working on it though and get it to you guys as soon as we can!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Dragonlords, etc

Here we go... 3 weeks into this DL revamp now and I'm sure glad it's Friday! I spent the better part of the last 2 weeks just on the animations for DL, and then I was fried so I took monday off to go camping with my wife*, and then this week I was like yeah no problem, I'll setup the color custom version of normal dragonlord, and apply the art for evo dragonlord, and setup the cc version version of evo on Tuesday. No problem, cause I can just copy it all over from the originals right?! 


Noop! I can't. And so therefore it took way the heck longer than a day, lol. Oh man, I am always doing that to myself... having no concept of how much time something actually might take. So what I did manage to do for this week was setup the color custom DL, and the evolved DL. Those are done, art&animation-wise! And I'm getting close to done on the color custom evolved DL**, but I think that'll have to wait until next week. 


For Justice!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So Many Projects!

So many people on soooo many different projects! The DragonFable team is super busy this week!

Braughlmurk Cape
The ruins of a once great Paladin order sit on the edge of a foggy beach.... Are you brave enough to explore the fallen towers and murky crypts? Will you venture into one of it's many random dungeons and collect the Braughlmurk Bindings and Shadow Bone Shards left behind from the great battle that destroyed the Cape town? Robin and Roblos are betting you are....

Pictured: Not Robin and Roblos!

MOP Hits Amityvale!
Eric Greydawn, the Lady and Chainsword all converged on the office this week and have determined that something... several somethings, are disturbing the wildlife in the woods outside of Amityvale! This week a new random quest will appear on the Amityvale path to help the MOP team clear out those woods!

In other words, Eric now can make random quests! He just laughed evilly when I asked how big the map was going to be....

DragonLord Things
Ghost is working on getting the evolved and color custom versions of the DragonLord Armor available for you guys this week! Rolith has also been following the thread about the skills on the forums and will be working on the class on Friday. 

Dracelix has also created an amazing new house for DF's birthday that will be available Friday in Dragonsgrasp!

The Iglica - Coming Soon!
Tomix is working on the next Atrea expansion! The Iglica (the word for spire in Atealan) towers in the center of Atrea. It houses the throne room of the Atealan Empress and the training rooms for the Atealan classes!

Tomix wanted me to point out the shading is not done yet!

The Iglica will not open this week, but soooooooon!

Tomix is also working on the backgrounds for a very twisted dreamscape. Kathool isn't back... so who's mind (or minds!) are you going to venture into?!


Friday, June 8, 2012


The next quest for Alexander is up and ready! Help him gather elemental essences in a chasm near Swordhaven so he can make the perfect gift for Jaania! You'll be able to level Alex to 15 while working your way through the hordes of elementals as well.

If you haven't opened the Alexander character slot yet, just find the Burned Journal in Swordhaven.

Warlic Zone - New Shops!
Talk with Nythera in Warlic's zone for a new merge shop! She'll be able to take your elemental essences and merge them into colorful rose staves. She also has a few things for your house if you have the Dragon Coins!

DragonFable Birthday!
Rolith is hard at work on the Diamyo Clone Army! Wait, no... um, I mean, he's totally not working on that.... He is working hard on this year's DragonLord gift though! He'll have it live for you soon*! Dracelix is also working on something special for you guys!



Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Birthday DragonFable

Hey guys!  Just dropping in to let you know you should go check out the all-new, MUCH more titanically-awesome DragonLord class, which Ghost and I put a LOT of effort into.

This new skill set is not finalized.  I'm still working on tweaking the skills and powers, so expect buffs and debuffs next week. But I can promise that it will be worthy of the noble Order of DragonLords. A DragonLord should feel powerful! That's the whole point of commanding a dragon, right? We hope you enjoy it!

One last Happy Birthday from me. Thanks for all the memories you've helped create these last 6 years; I can't imagine where I would be, or the rest of the DF team, without your support!

Now I'm going to go take some allergy medicine and sleep.  

Alina Edit: Rolith went to bed shortly after writing the previous Design Notes. A few minutes ago I got an instant message which read:

Rolith says (11:17 PM)
Wrote the dsign notes happy birthday typos
need you to fix them make it sound happy

Rolith says (11:18 PM)
where's my cake? geo said cake

Alina says (11:20 PM)
Go back to sleep. I'll make sure they can understand your Happy Birthday Design Notes!
We don't have cake, but you can poke geo for some tomorrow.

Rolith says (11:20 PM)
Dragon-shaped caaaaaaaaaaake! Make it happen.

Happy birthday, DragonFable players! It's been a fantastic six years full of fighting, friends, and FANTASTIC stories! Thank you all for staying with us and supporting us as the game grows!


Thursday, June 7, 2012


Tomix has created some gorgeous new art for Jaania! This Friday you'll be able to see the fully colored version in Alexander's quest in Swordhaven!

Alex is constantly looking for ways to impress his lovely, bookworm friend. This week he'll be hunting for the perfect gift for her... but Warlic still remembers the ink in his tea!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Petty Squabbles...

Alexander and Warlic have been at odds ever since their apprenticeships started. Thier rivalry has been punctuated with flying books, summoned fire monsters and elaborate pranks... and it's not dying down anytime soon. This week Warlic pushes Alex too far!

DragonFable Birthday!
This weekend is DragonFable's 6th birthday! You guys have been bombarding twitter asking what this year's present is and.... well, could it be geopetal pets for everyone? Giant Rolith Hammer's sent to all the DragonLords in the mail? A Diamyo clone army to guard all your passwords? Real life dragons made in the Underground Lab's specially fire-retardant totally-not-real-wink-wink genetics lab? I'm sooooo not telling! Muahahaha, you'll have to wait and see what awesome gift we have for you this year!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Malich's Sorrow

From Erc Greydawn:

Glenham Keep, hidden in the forests somewhere between Moonridge and Amityvale, has long stoodsilent and empty. A grim reminder of a terrible tragedy, the secrets within Glenham Keep hide a storythat some prefer would be forgotten forever. See if you can discern the story that lay hidden within thestory of the derelict tower as you wander it’s forgotten and ancient halls.

Go to the Auction House now to enter Glenham Keep and reap the rewards that await you!

Celestia Set
Dracelix has crafted a beautiful set in memory of Lady Celestia. Click on the chest next to her statue in the Guardian Tower to check it out!