Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This week we'll get to delve further into The Anomaly... the city of Atrea! Tomix is working hard on getting the first section of the town ready, the Civil District. Since the Ateala used to be dimensional travelers each new section of the town will have a different architechtural influence!

There will also be new random quests to go along with the town so you guys can start collecting your paraginium for the eventual class training and item merges!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leap Day!

Tomorrow is Leap Day!

Starting tonight at midnight, EST, the Togslayer armor will be availble for 24 hours along with a special random quest that will allow you to both smush togs and collect "coal". This is special chance to grab Togslayer if you missed it during Frostval. After 24 hours, when Leap Day is done, the armor will be gone until next Frostval!

As an extra special addition to the armor, sometime* tomorrow Rolith will be adding one new skill too!

* Timing may vary!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quantum Tog!

Happy Leap Day!

You can start collecting "coal" in the Quantum Tog quest and get and train Togslayer for the next 24hours! You just need to visit Falconreach and check out the News Post to find the quest and armor. 

Rolith will also be adding a new skill to the armor sometime later today.


Friday, February 24, 2012

The Forest Gate

After searching through the deepest forests and woods between Oaklore and Falconreach, you have finally uncovered the location of the Forest Gate! The Wolf and the Bear Guardians will put you to a test of strength though before sending you forward though. Are you up to the challenge? Or will you be torn to shreds?

Rolith and Ghost have added two new spells to Alexander's repertoire! Frost-ra, a three strike attack that lowers ice resistance by 25%, and Frost Bomb!

Leap Day Reminder
The end of the holiday season this year was crazy! In all the hustle and bustle of the Frostval season, Togslayer Armor got lost in the shuffle. Luckily, we have an extra day this year! On the 29th of February, for 24 hours, you'll be able to get Togslayer Armor, gather “coal” from a random quest full of togs and train the armor up!

Also, a big thank you to Verlyrus! He's been poking through a few of our older quests and fixing things for us!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wolf and Bear

A message from True Mortal:

We all know things don’t always go the way we like. I had hoped to be able to work a bit more this week, but unfortunately that didn’t work out quite well. I am slowly recovering, and obviously not as fast as I want, but we do what we got to do, and do our best while doing that. I am eager to start drawing again, even if it will cost me more effort to do so. Luckily there is a whole team that is able to help me get through the work that needs to be done! They worked hard to get the quest ready for tomorrow, and I’m very* grateful for that.

In the previous quest, you had your patience tested while in search of the hidden Forest Gate and the guards that stand sentinel there. In this week’s release, you’ll finally be able to fight Wolf and Bear in a boss fight!  The quality they will be testing is Strength. As you might know, strength is necessary, but just one of the many, many qualities you need being a hero. If you succeed in this challenge, your journey will be continued, and as you progress, all the important qualities will be tested!

If you feel up for the challenge that they will put you through, log in Friday!

*very very very very very


Monday, February 20, 2012

Warlic's Zone

Dracelix has been hard at work landscaping the area around Warlic's Tent! This is a huge project and it will still be a few weeks before the zone is done, but we have a small preview for you!

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Furious Scythe

The Furious Scythe is now for sale! Just 2000 of these special wind scythes will be sold for 425 Dragon Coins! You can visit the Black Market Moglin in Falconreach to buy a Fury Feather to upgrade the weapon to levels 50, 70 and 80.

Have a happy Carnaval!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


This weekend is Carnaval! To celebrate the holiday, Ghost has made a special scythe that will be in a Limited Quanity Shop for the festival! There will be just 2000 of these wind weapons available for 425 Dragon Coins, this Saturday, starting at 2pm EST.

As with past LQS items, this scythe will have a special free merge item available from the Black Market Moglin to level it from 30 to 50 to 70 and this will be the first to level to 80!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

HHD Clues!

For those still working on the Hero's Heart Day release, here are the clues and their solutions!

Highlight to see the clues and their solutions:

Where Clawkin and Fairies play (HP, Hunt the Golden Cabit)

Through fields lit by fiery stream (The River of Fire, Warlic’s Zone)

Where spiders meet in long closed stores (Weaving Emporium, Ravenloss)

Where lightning flashes overhead (Sir Jing, Oaklore)

Within walls with glories long passed (Ruins of Sil)

Through caves of ice with golden gleam (A Cold Reception, Dragesvard)

Where cypress tree o’er vast swamp grows (Crystal Clear Lake, Amityvale)

By fountain’s flow and waterfall’s spray (The Pure Pool, Warlic’s zone)

Skies are traced with bits of string (String Thing, Lim’s Shop)

On the course where everything moves fast (Velocity, Lim)

Through the woods before the dray (escort from verteroche to willowshire)

In verdant fields with poppies red (There’s no Place Like Oaklore, Sir Ano)

Where ravens fly through memory’s dream (Memory Demons, Darkness Orb)

On the trail in shades of grey (Never Say Die, Ash)

Where flower blooms on endless shores (Blue Lotus, Sandsea)

Where water lives and breathes and flows (It’s A Wash, Bacon Chain, Valencia)

Where the elements join together in assault (elemental attack)

Where the bones of dead miners lay (What’s Mine is Mine, Willowshire)

Where vultragon hunt with stenchfly (Dye another Day, Ash)

Where apple and tiger fight together. (Gravitivity, Clashening, Lim)

Where gourds grow big and ravens fly. (Pumpkin Patch, Amityvale)

Where forest furies' fruit grows. (The Mollo Tree, Oaklore)

A serene place. (Serenity's Inn, Falconreach – boss quest)


Friday, February 10, 2012

Well Wishes for True Mortal

I was just informed that True Mortal was in an accident. He was on the sidewalk when a car jumped the curb and he was struck.  He thinks the damage is a broken arm and ribs right now*. Please send him your well wishes!

*We're going to need to get him stonger armor!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Hero's Heart Day!

This year we're doing something different for Hero's Heart Day! Something sinister, evil and very, very tricky... muahahahahaha! Eric has helped out by writing a set of clues. Clues that you'll have to follow to find out just exactly who the mastermind is behind the threat to Hero's Heart Day!

You'll have to decipher 22 different clues and figure out which quest it refers to and then find the new monster in each of those quests! Once you find and defeat the new, threatening monster, you'll take it prisoner and drag it back to the Forest of Infinite Terror so Sir Stephan can question it and get the next clue.... Will you be able to find them all and make it to the Boss?

You guys can work together on the forums but make sure to use spoiler tags! If anyone is still having trouble Monday, the list of quests will appear in the DNs! Can you find and beat the boss before then?

This is officially the weirdest HHD ever! ;) Have fun and BattleOn!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

All Types of Love

Hero's Heart Day celebrates all types of love. Love for friends, family... even love for your country! What kind of evil being would want to threaten such a wonderful holiday?!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Threat to HHD!

Hero's Heart Day is coming soon, but someone... or something, threatens to take down the whole holiday! What could be the number one threat to this very special celebration? And will you be able to find the mastermind and stop them in time?

This Friday will see the return of past Hero's Heart Day storylines as well as a brand new story for you guys to enjoy!

Friday the 13th War
Defenders Medals will stop dropping from the war this evening, but this Friday the war (and it's very important cutscenes!) will find a permanant location in Atrea!


Friday, February 3, 2012

The Forest Gate

Log in and talk to the Kenai in Stoneheart Fall about the Forest Gate to get started on this week's release!

From the Kensai’s cave:

Alas, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  Such is the case today when I learned there IS such a thing as too much background.  So the offering is now five quests, rather than six.   Ambition, being what it is, is often hard on the ego when things don’t work quite the way you plan them to.  Such is life, and we learn and move on.

You can only gain the new weapons if you locate the forest gate. (for those of you who were wondering)  The other quests have other drops.

Next week:

You will at last meet the guardians who stand sentinel by their gate.  They have been apparently waiting for you for a VERY long time.  Next week… the boss fight with the guardians of the forest gate.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Forest Gate

From the Kensai’s Cave:

Music drives us, and often the lyrics of a song find relevance in our daily lives.  For today, the best quote for relevance is “What a long strange trip it’s been”.  It seems Nivalis, ever the crafty villain has done his dead level best to stop yet another release from happening.  He really doesn’t want you to discover the gates.  And that’s what happens this Friday!  You will embark on a search for the Forest Gate, and the Guardians who await you.

Often a Heroes quality is known to all, from their own heroic deeds in defense of Kingdom and all that he holds dear.  Sometimes however, the people who must rely on the hero have not had the opportunity to observe that hero doing what he does best.  In those cases the quality of the hero must be tested to the fullest.  What qualities are sought for depend on the person doing the searching.  The next few quests are going to test your qualities.  

The quality being tested now is patience.  You must seek out the forest gate where it lies hidden, somewhere in the vast forested region between Oaklore and Falconreach.  

Tomorrow you will navigate through a series of quests while searching for the forest gate.  If you find the gate, a shiny new Nature weapon set awaits you!  There are not one, not two, not even three, but SIX new quests, built into one.  Only one of the quests holds the forest gate and the guardians!  Good Luck!