Thursday, March 29, 2012


Warlic has been after Alex since he arrived in Swordhaven and Alex has had enough. Now he's looking for some revenge, even if it's not a direct confrontation.... This Friday, log in and help Alex decide just exactly how he gets back at his rival!

Edelian House
Dracelix has completed another house inspired by Ravenloss. Kajap will have it in stock soon! 

Eric Greydawn was last seen laughing maniacally and twirling his moustache. Be afraid for next week's release!

Armor Paint Fairy
More colors will be coming soon*! Rolith, in between his 87 other projects, is looking into the possibility** of adding hex code input into the Armor Paint Fairy! Keep in mind, there's no guarentees, but, if he can get it working, you guys should be able to fully color-coordinate your characters! Big thanks to Dracelix for passing on the idea!

* Probably not this week.
** No guarentees! If he can't get it working, we will add more general colors though!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


There are two new DF posters coming soon to HeroMart! They should be available by the end of next week or early the week after and each poster will come with it's own unique item! Posters will be $9.95 each.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Are you Lucky Enough?

The war is heating up but will you guys defeat all the waves in time to beat the War Challenge? If you guys get to 100% before midnight the Rainbow Saber will yours!

The war also has two unique boss fights, each with their own rewards! The Lucky stone set and the Au'Bacon set (which has a special that debuffs your enemy!).

Pellow Village
New shops have opened in one of the buildings in Pellow Village, provided you've opened the Gate. Kajap is offering the new Ravenloss House and several brand new Ravenloss inspired items. The Soulweraver, Nicklos, has a full set of Weaver gear availble as well! Dracelix has been hard at work on these items!

Tomix has been working feverishly on the higher level version of the base classes. Check out Riftwalker


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Call to Arms!

From Eric Greydawn:

Baron Au’Mydas is slowly but surely losing this war, but the heroes of Lore need your help!    You are making great progress on the war, but time is running short.  You have asked for a challenge, and as usual, ask and ye shall receive!  Dracelix has created the rainbow lightsaber as a reward IF you reach 100% by midnight Friday night.  Ghost is hard at work on cutscenes, and True Mortal is working on another weapon set even now.  Good luck!

Click the green part of the hilt!

Pellow Village
New shops will be coming to the village this Friday as well! Dracelix has created an amazing Soulweaver inspired set that will now be available! There will also be two new Ravenloss inspired houses and house items!

Weaver's Belongings


Friday, March 16, 2012

Lucky Day!

Eric Greydawn brings this years Lucky Day holiday release! In it we see the return of Baron Au'Mydas who has had some help escaping from prison and getting back his golden kiss!

Ghost has brought Eric's cutscenes to life and also created some awesome new stone DC weapons! Dracelix has made some rich new furnishings for your homes and True Mortal is back and has made an awesome stone weapon set for the boss fight! 


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Golden Kiss!

From Eric Greydawn:

Baron Au’Mydas has had plenty of time to think.  Two years it’s been since he and that golden kiss of his assaulted Falconreach.  He’s had a lot of thoughts between then and now, many of them involving what to do if he manages to get his power back.  Unfortunately, there’s a mischief maker out there who thinks it would be fun to see Au’Mydas have his power back.  

Coming this Friday, Baron Au’Mydas returns with his Golden Horde to see if this time he can’t be more successful.  

I read the forum threads on Lucky Week, and you guys have a LOT of ideas you would like to see in game.  Sadly we can’t pick up on all the suggestions you put forward.  I had an idea already cooking in my brain, and your suggestions helped cement that idea with a bit of a change in the lineup that I hadn’t originally intended.  Dracelix is also working on some house items for you, based on your suggestions on the forum!

Happy Lucky Week, and BattleOn!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lucky Week!

This week is Lucky Week! You guys will be able to play through previous years releases as well as a brand new story from Eric Greydawn which will, of course, come with a mini-war this weekend! Ghost and True Mortal are both busy making new items for holiday as well!

The ability to train Alexander's stats was added to Brump on Friday and, now, untraining works as well.


Friday, March 9, 2012

The Master Apprentice

The next quest in the Alexander story is now live! This week you'll get to see inside Warlic's head and, well, he's kinda mean... Will Alex be able to get past all the fire monsters that Warlic is throwing in his way this week?

Alexander should also be able to get to level 10 this week! He has a new multi skill that will unlock at level six and new higher level weapons drop from The Master Apprentice!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Past Catches Up...

The Blue Mage has always been a mysterious figure. He has the ability to wipe out entire legions of enemies but, if he goes to far... he could wipe out all of existence if his mana overloads! While he now strives to remain passive, to be a teacher, to observe, to learn... this wasn't always the case. Especially in his first years on Lore, when he was starting over and more vulnerable then he had ever been in his already long life. 

His interactions with a young ice mage and a brilliant researcher changed him and help him evolve into the Warlic we associate with today. The inflamed mage and the girl who's been trapped in crystal for over 250 years still haunt him though....


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Blue Mage...

This week we'll be visiting the Swordhaven of the past again! Warlic is stuck in Swordhaven as a teenager and he's angst-y, but how did he come to be there? The Blue Mage definitely has a chip on his shoulder and isn't as in control of his powers as he'd like to be....

Lucky Day!
Eric Greydawn is hard at work on this year's Lucky Day story! He's asking on the Forums what you guys would like to see! I vote for more fightin' Sneevish!

There be spoilers ahead, highlight at your own risk!
An image is coming through the rift... something to do with the end of Chapter 2....


Monday, March 5, 2012


Faith is asking for new T-shirt and poster ideas for HeroMart! What kind of stuff do you guys want to see? Twilly and Twig? Sepulchure? Do you guys want funny quotes? A giant dragon? Cityscapes? Let us know!

And remember, pictures are always good!


Friday, March 2, 2012

The Anomaly: Atrea

The Civil District of Atrea is now open for exploration! You can replay the Rift War through Zon'Izz or find Yolande, the lady in waiting of the Atealean Queen, to help secure the new home of the Ateala from the dangers of the surrounding desert. 

The three new randoms all drop paraginium, the stone that was used to build the city. You can turn in the resource to Moab to get new wings, a new helm or the Hunger Blossom Scythe. Two of the new randoms also drop items sets! The Night Annex and Lifenel sets will drop in the desert quests. If you just want to farm paraginium head to the caves!

The coming weeks will see Atrea expand as Tomix finishes up more districts! 


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Atrea Sneak Peek

Tomix is working hard on getting the civil district of Atrea done for tomorrow, Ghost is working hard on weapons and True Mortal is working on a possible new helm or cape*! 

The Hunger Blossom Scythe from Ghost!

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