Blob Cat

Friday, April 28, 2023

Book 3: Convergence - Outpost Outskirts

Hey there, heroes!

This week, Book 3's main story continues! After a volatile journey through the Void with your new companions, you've emerged in an unknown land, ready to take your first steps into the domain of the Fissure!

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Shadow Cat

Friday, April 21, 2023

Book 3: Reimagined - Queen of Swordhaven & Ninja Rework!

Hey there, heroes!

This week, while Dove is still indisposed and recovering, we're doing an early Reimagined release!

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Hopeful Cat

Thursday, April 13, 2023

No Release This Week- April 14th 2023

Hey there, heroes!

Unfortunately, we will not have a DragonFable release this week.

While we had a quest written, planned, and in the works, it was already going to be a lighter week as I am currently taking care of my co-cat who is recovering from surgery.

And then, earlier this morning, Dove notified us that he is recovering from a bad fall, and will be going to the hospital tomorrow to determine if there are any serious problems.

Given these circumstances, we have decided to cancel this week's release.

Depending on how things go, we may have to postpone the planned main story release from this month as well. However, we do have back-up releases that we can set into motion!

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope to have Dove up and running again as soon as possible!


New phone who dis

Friday, April 7, 2023

Arena at the Edge of Time: Blades and Bones

Hey, it's a me, Dove!

A new challenge board has appeared at the Arena at the Edge of Time! From across the unknowns of time and space come foes from the far future and forgotten past...

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