Friday, May 27, 2011

Things are Heating up!

Many of the warmongers on the forums have been asking about our allies.  Where have they been, with Falconreach so entrenched?  Before the war there were hints of chaos brewing in major cities all across Lore that have kept the other cities’ forces close to their homes, and this week we will see it continue.  The Glacier in Dragesvard is melting, and the news is so troubling that you will need to leave the defense of Falconreach for a short while and investigate.   Good luck hero!

You are not leaving the Falconsreach completely undefended though.  There are rumors among the soldiers.  Talk from the far-ranging DragonLords say that Dragonsgrasp is on the move.  Will the DragonLords arrive in time to aid in the defense?

Now today’s release is actually a release in two parts.  The first part is the quest you guys are getting to see, but the second is coming next week.  You’ll discover more in Dragesvard, but let’s just say that we want to give the fight you’re about to experience the intensity it deserves and trying to fit it inside this already insanely drawn animated quest wasn’t making it as amazing as it could be.  So, stay tuned next week for an extra release of a titan fight, for DragonLords only!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The War and The Lady

Havoc rages all over Lore. Falconreach is under siege. The Tower has fallen. The Priestess is gone.

One thing is certain though. We must Battle On! It has been said that it's always darkest before the dawn and that will never be more true in DragonFable then this summer. If we fight together though, Good can triumph! Do not lose hope!

This Friday we will revisit Dragesvard... is... is the glacier melting?!

The Lady

A new traveller has come to Falconreach! The Lady has arrived in town, late at night, to sell her wares. Right now, she only sells a single staff but make sure to visit the official DragonFable forums and enter the contest to have your ideas added to her shop!

The Lady's hairstyle has also been added to Patch's barbershop for all female characters!


Sad Codemonkey

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And the War Trudges On

There was hope, for a moment.  Not of victory, we were certain of that as we determinedly dragged ourselves through the mounting hoards of undead and their waves deminished with each clashing swordblow.  

As the war counter reached towards 100% and the fields of battle, roiling with the fog of war and the smell of the sea rolling in from Falconreach Harbor, fell emptier and emptier, we were certain of victory and hopeful of something else.  Of justice.  

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Final 13th - the Race to 50%!

The war rages and the race is on! Sepulchure's army continues to attack Falconreach but you guys are holding the line! If you can reach 50% by 5 tonight not only will you get a new cutscene to further the story... but you'll also get a new set of weapons from True Mortal!

The Challenge has been set! Get to 50% by 5PM EST to get your hands on the fiery Obsidian Dragon set!



Wednesday, May 18, 2011



No, seriously guys.  What?  Geo posts the challenge in the design notes, and a little while later my IM windows go berserk.  "The war waves have stopped counting!"  from 5-10 different people, all over twitter and on the forums. 

So, paniced, I went looking.  I didn't accidently break anything earlier.  There was NOTHING wrong.

There was something very right, however. You guys were killing Sepulhure's forces TOO fast.  So fast that the database was getting backed up and losing victories.

You guys are fighting so hard you broke the war.  That's kind of awesome.  I take my hat off to you.  I've fixed it and things look back to normal.  I'll keep one eye on it and make sure it's all good.

Now back to work! 


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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The story continues!


Has mobilized the Knights!

Friday, May 13, 2011


The sun is high in the sky over the new Falconreach skyline as today’s halfway point comes and goes.  Just stopping in during the massive day of coding to review what’s come out and what’s coming this weekend of the Friday the 13th.

We started out yesterday releasing the brand new Falconreach center of town.  This is the first step in the renovations that will continue moving forward, assuming of course Sepulchure’s forces don’t level all the hard work.

This morning, I released a couple of small fixes to the town.  Most notably, the Mysterious Stranger has decided that keeping only nighttime hours might cause more confusion then interest.  I also want to clarify something.  Player to player Item trading is not going to happen at the auction house.  We have plans for many fun things to happen in the auctionhouse, but we’re not going to implement a trading system in DragonFable.  

Tomorrow Morning at 7am we’re going to put out the The Miasmal Set live in our first Limited Quantity shop.  The supply will be EXTREAMLY limited, only 1666 of these items total will be produced, costing 333DCs each and once they’re gone, they’re GONE. If you want one of these amazing weapons drawn and animated by Lim be sure to be there.

A lot of you liked the potions our Royal Alchemist Alina mentioned yesterday, and it pleases me to announce that she and I are going to work over this weekend to produce trinket versions of these tinctures which will be DA only and redeemable for Defenders Medals as the war progresses. 

That leaves us with later today: Friday the 13th, and like clockwork of some insidious machine a new horde of undead is again ready to ride towards us.  But no, this feels different.  We have faced hordes beyond counting and beaten back every force the dark powers of LORE have thrown at us but there is something wrong here.  A spark of nervous energy permeates the air.  You can almost taste big things are afoot that will shape the future of our lands for generations.  This Friday is one that no one in LORE will ever forget.

If they live long enough to remember it.  


will NOT submit to Evil!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Potions in Motion: Preparing for War!

Fire Dousing Draught? Check. (We're DEFINITELY going to need this one.)
Light-emitting Liquid? Got it. (That should come in handly...)
Potion of Inscrutable Mutation? Oooooh YEAH! (Who's going to turn the undead into a cute lil' fluffy BUNNIES? This alchemist!)

Standing in front of her shop, Alina takes a quick inventory of the potions in her belt-pouch. Just in case... trouble... should arise. When all the tonics, brews, and cordials are accounted for, she gazes over the land around her. Birdsong fills the air as sunlight filters down onto the newly mown grass which has finally fully re-grown. She frowns, an inner monologue turning the pleasant day dark:

Falconreach is starting to look SO nice! There've been so many improvements, and the construction moglins are finally able to take lunchbreaks again. If only the calendar wasn't such an accurate predictor of invasions! I HATE to think that in a little over a day, troops of skeletons and doom-dwellers will come marching into our fair city.


Not again.

We CAN'T let them destroy our home again.

Alina knocks on the Mayor's door, peeks in, and snorts in disgust to see him sleeping amidst gold coins piled high all over his desk. We really MUST do something about him, she thinks. Backing away and heading for the center of town, Alina uses a Boom-Voice Brew to call in the surrounding townspeople, then climbs onto an over-turned box and looks down. They gather around her, faces upturned, anticipatory dread clouding their expressions.

"Citizens of Falconreach, residents of LORE! Heroes, hark unto me!

Are you willing to let our homes- our LIVES- be destroyed again? Do you want to see Falconreach in flames, reduced to one lone board again?

You KNOW what is heading for us. WHO is coming our way. I say we can rise up and drive him back! Together we are a force of Nature, stronger than any who would oppose us with mere skeletons and constructs and golems. We CAN triumph!

Warriors- hone your weapons!
Rogues- scout for advance invaders!
Mages- ready your energies to take out his troops!

And you. You story-tellers and song-singers, dancers of dreams, and weavers of imagination- spread the word. Rally the people! Use your gifts of art and song and tales to inflame the hearts of those who are too afraid to face what is coming.

Go. He is coming and we must prepare.

Sepulchure is almost here."


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Thursday, May 12, 2011


Woohoo!  Rol has smashed all the bugs* and we have rolled the town live for your enjoyment!  If you go to Serenity's inn, you can rest until evening or morning and actually change what time of day it is. In the future, this might affect more than just Falconreach.. 

Also, you'll notice that the town intro has a slogan for Falconreach in it that changes each time you view it.. we want to have some fun with this. Why don't you guys come up with a whole bunch over the next little while and we'll pick the best of em' and put em in! 

For now, anything south of Twilly will still have old artwork, but I'll be working on updating that.  These things take me a while though, so please be patient. We're heading into a VERY busy summer. (It will always be daytime there until we update it because it takes a long time to walk there. /cough)

So without further ado:  Go do some exploring!!!

* We think.  *glares at DF*  - Let us know if you find anything still borked. 



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

War.. War never changes.

This week.. oh man, where do I start?  Dragonfable has come a long way since beta. Remember Testopia?  It had a couple npcs and a quest (Fire cave).   I know I ran that quest like a million times waiting for the next release!  In the 5 + years since then, we've seen an expansion to every part of the game. From features to areas to classes, weapons, music, sagas.. And we're not even done yet!  

On Friday, Sepulchure's flying castle will darken the skies of Falconreach, and you guys will bear witness to the most epic battle we have ever had. Years from now, you'll be telling stories on the forums about how you were here when it all went down!  To commemorate this event, we pushed the release of Falconreach's new artwork up and you will get it BEFORE the war begins.  That's right, whenever Rol is done fixing all the bugs I created.  So don't let Seppy burn it down cause that took us a really long time to make ok? *grumble*


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Monday, May 9, 2011

Well Hi Thar!

Last week was fun.  And by fun I mean exhausting. I don’t really remember much of it.  I don’t know how I worked until 11 on Friday.  No, I mean I don’t remember working that late.  It’s all a little hazy. 

That said, this weekend was full of sleeping and relaxing.  And working, I have been making up for lost time.  This is going to be a big week for DragonFable.  Now every Friday the 13th is more than a little special with their pension for causing massive undead uprisings, but there have been rumbles.  All over LORE there is a looming feeling of dread.

Now for what I’m working on.   Lim has been working on some amazing new gear.  The set is amazingly drawn and darkly animated to near perfection.  So awesome we wanted to do something special with them.  Starting Saturday, at 7am(Server Time) we will be putting a new kind of shop live.  It will have a stock of 1666 items.  Once we’ve sold that many of the axes, daggers, and staffs they will be gone.  Forever.  We’ve gone our research and think that these 1666 items should last a little while, but we also have a lot of rare collectors in DragonFable and if you want to make sure you get one of these epically rare items, I’d set yourself an alarm. 

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Havoc... in the Office!

So sorry for the late release this week! It's been crazy! Between poor Rolith (and Mido and Miko and Cysero and several others!) being sick all week and the new quest in Popsprocket acting.... well, acting up like a gnomish experiment, it's been crazy getting everything done for tonight!

There are four new quests for you tonight but, in order to do them you have to make sure you've finished the quest chains in those towns first! There will also be another quest coming later tomorrow afternoon! Where will the havoc spread too?!

Make sure to check out the new art in Oaklore too! Tomix has done a beautiful job there!


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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Something wicked this way comes

Hail, adventurers!  So right about now you guys are probably eyebrows-deep into hiding the remaining pieces of the Blade of Awe. Congratulations to those of you who have obtained a rare wave (scored on your char page, at the bottom. It's the one in brackets) and good luck to those of you who are trying to obtain one! There can be only 10, so get cracking'!  


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