Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A Song on the Vind

Hey there, heroes!

As you fight the neverending waves of ice elementals, a mighty roar is heard across the sky. You look up. The DragonRiders and wind elves of the Vind have finally arrived!

What this means:

You've reached over 50% in the war!

The 50% cutscene has been unlocked.

The Defend the Barrier quest was improperly saying that it gave 3 waves per completion. This has been fixed, and the quest now says that it gives 1 wave per completion.

The arrival of the Vind has therefore boosted the meter by the amount of waves "missing" from before. (2 waves for every time the Defend the Barrier quest was completed). Unfortunately, player profile waves are not able to be updated to reflect the previous 3x wave count.

Some Atealan soldiers have also reported the sighting of a strange elemental wandering the battlefield...

(Rare waves are now active!)

The barrier still stands... for now.

Will you be able to complete your new mission before the barrier falls?

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