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Friday, January 28, 2011

A Release Full of [classified]

So, on Monday geo gave me a rough outline for her quest this week.  It sounded pretty fun.  Then, just now, Rolith poked me with a silver Sharpie and said "Hey, hey Alina! Check this out! Quick, you're going to miss it!"

So I rolled over (all our chairs have wheels. And spin.)* to Rolith's computer (roughly two feet and around the corner of the table from me) and saw something REALLY cool! And glowy! I'm probably not talking about what you think I'm talking about, but if I am, you know how cool it is! It is pretty nifty, but that is all I will say about that.

Actually, it's not. From what Rolith tells me about this quest (I haven't run it yet, I've been working on the Ravenloss War), it has two REALLY spoileriffic cutscenes, so when you go to discuss it on the forums this weekend, PLEASE use spoiler tags! They're such spoilers I can't even HINT at them because they will knock you out of your chairs, onto your floors, and propel you under whatever piece of furniture is closest. (I hope you don't have any 2-week old pizza boxes under there. Yuck!)

So what CAN I tell you about this week's quest? Let's see...

  • Some of the hardest battles in-game (according to Rolith)
  • The return of two VERY dark and VERY doom-filled villains: En and Tropy (hey, aren't those minions of Sepulchure ChaosWeavers? Why yes, yes they are. What's THAT all about? You'll see.)
  • Enemies that get STRONGER after dying!
  • You have to battle En and Tropy while Trey and Valencia whisk Fae to safety! (In an undisclosed location, of course!)
  • You'll need to do LAST week's quest over again.  (Sorry about that, we found an error in the code, so no one's quest chain saved.)

It's going to be an awesome release! Ooooh, this just in!  If you buy the SunTome in VerteRoche and take it to Maya in Oaklore, you'll be able to merge it into a new weapon! And check back throughout the weekend as we add new weapons to the weapons shop in VerteRoche!  And just as cool (if not cooler), on Monday we'll be releasing TWO new walk-around maps! Bonus!

Have a GREAT weekend! We'll see you on Monday, when we begin the countdown to WAR!

*Note: Do not take a running jump and land on a wheelie chair, because you WILL go flying across the room. And then the chair will fall. And you will hurt yourself. And your co-workers will try not to laugh. Didn't happen to ME, but it DID happen here in the Secret Underground Lab.

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