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Friday, April 29, 2011

Hidden Blades

Hello all! This week is the week! We get to hide the Blade of Awe! Rolith, Ghost and I have worked hard all week to make this a very epic release for you guys.


This BoA Dig will be a full player effort! As we search for the perfect hiding spots you'll see sections of the map above fill in with color. Each of the 45 sections has one to three short random map quests associated with it. Of these 45 sections, ten hold a single rare wave that will allow you to hide a piece of the Blade. Will you be one of the ten to hide a piece of the Blade? Will you be one of the few to chose the next spot on the map to search? '

If your quest is successful Valencia will have special decoy Blades as rewards for you! These decoys will have a health/mana vampire special!

Guardian Fortuna has also commision a special set of weapons as a thank you for helping Willowshire in their hour of need!

Lord Valrous (and Lim) have imbued the special weapon set to switch between the elements of stone and nature!

You'll have to safely hide all the pieces of the Blade of Awe before you can reap the rewards though! Good luck on the dig and BattleOn!

Tags: #geopetal