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Have you tried the ChaosWeaver Class?

Last Friday, after much playtesting, adjustment, and feedback, the ChaosWeaver Class went live... and it's getting rave reviews!

I am absolutely buzzing this class is finally coming out. I've been a long time player of DF since I was a kid, dropped off a bit for Book 2, but the range and depth of the current story lines in Book 3 have had me hooked. I love the Weaver-type magic and think it's an incredibly original and fun concept, so Chaosweaver being released will prompt me to buy my first DCs since I was in school. Love the hyper-offensive nature of the class and the fantastic animations. - The Betrayer123

Chaosweaver is a piece of art. Haven't had so much fun playing in years! - Axpower

First of all, the animations are beyond amazing. The image of my character wielding my favorite sword and those superbly designed soul looms in conjuction, weaving a dance of death around my opponent with those multiple strike skills while the red and black animations of Chaosweaver fills the screen... Easily one of the top classes in the game when it comes to artwork. - Loewe

Talk to Secundus (IF you can find him... try following the red threads!) to buy the ChaosWeaver class for 1,800 DragonCoins. 


Chaosweaver accessories are also now available!

You can purchase the new $9.95 Chaosweaver Dragon Coin bundle to get 2000 Dragon Coins and the 3 accessories*.

  • The Puppeteer
  • The Threadcutter
  • The Weaver's Facade! 

You can also purchase the accessories from Secundus for 500 Dragon Coins each.

These accessories can all be upgraded every ten levels at Secundus as well. However, if you upgrade the 500 Dragon Coin versions, their resale value will drop to 0. 

*Chaosweaver armor not included. 

Chaosweaver's skills

You begin every fight with 2 Soulthreads. By clicking the vials above the Attack button, you can unempower or empower certain skills which can consume Soulthreads. Certain skills will allow you to regain Soulthreads.

  • Attack
    • 2 hits for a total of 125% base damage.
    • Can trigger on attack specials.
  • Soul Aegis
    • Prevent yourself from dying to direct damage for 2 turns. (DoT effects will bypass this).
    • Costs 15 MP, 8 turn cooldown.
    • When Empowered, duration increases to 3 turns, and provides an additional 300 Immobility resistance.
  • Soul Gambit
    • Increase your Bonus and Boost by 200 and 175 respectively for 4 turns, but reduce your Defenses by 200 and your All resistance by 60 for 8 turns.
    • Costs 30 MP, 4 turn cooldown.
    • When Empowered, you can take your next turn immediately.
  • Soul Slice
    • 2 hits for a total of 200% base damage.
    • Increase your Crit by 50 for 3 turns.
    • Costs 5 MP, 4 turn cooldown.
  • Hexing Wheel
    • 8 hits for a total of 200% base damage.
    • Reduces all cooldowns by 1.
    • Costs 20 MP, 4 turn cooldown.
  • Aggression
    • 8 hits for a total of 225% base damage.
    • Applies a DoT of half of your base + stat damage for 4 turns.
    • Costs 45 MP, 4 turn cooldown.
    • Can be Empowered to increase the DoT duration to 10 turns.
  • Soul Shred
    • 7 hits for a total of 200% base damage.
    • Stuns your foe for 1 turn.
    • Costs 27 MP, 14 turn cooldown.
    • When Empowered, the stun bypasses Immobility resistance, and also applies -100 Bonus on the foe for 3 turns.
  • Soul Assault
    • 12 hits for a total of 225% base damage
    • If you have at least one vial available, increases your Soulthread count by 1.
    • Costs 20 MP, 10 turn cooldown.
  • Soul Siphon
    • 2 hits for a total of 175% base damage.
    • Heals you for more depending on your missing HP.
    • Costs 35 MP, 9 turn cooldown.
    • Can be empowered to remove all DoT effects on you.
  • Dominance
    • 1 hit for 160% base damage to all foes.
    • Costs 30 MP, 3 turn cooldown.
  • Soul Rip
    • 1 hit for 125% base damage to all foes.
    • Stuns all foes for 1 turn.
    • Costs 25 MP, 19 turn cooldown.
  • Vengeance
    • 19 hits for a total of 175% base damage.
    • Reduces foe's All resistance by 20 for 4 turns.
    • Costs 45 MP, 9 turn cooldown.
    • When Empowered, increases foe's Health resistance by an additional 50.
  • Rebuke
    • Deals 3 hits of damage based on your missing HP.
    • Costs 20 MP, 9 turn cooldown.
  • Obliterate
    • 1 hit of 200% base damage.
    • May annihiliate your foe, or apply a strong DoT for 1 turn.
    • Costs 35 MP, 7 turn cooldown.
  • Untangle
    • 5 hits for a total of 300% base damage.
    • Guaranteed critical.
    • If you have at least one vial available, increases your Soulthread count by 1.
    • Costs 35 MP, 16 turn cooldown.

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