Friday, June 3, 2016


This weeks quest is a short cutscene only quest that leads into next weeks 10th anniversary! Are you ready to face the corruption?

DragonFable corruption 10th anniversary

Next week, will officially be our 10th anniversary! Ten years of fighting against Darkness... how much has Darkness learnt about us, though?

Falconreach Library!
There are two retro armors on display in the library now: Necromancer and Paladin! If you miss the old art, and have a Dragon Amulet, you can even check the armor out and take it for a spin! Careful, though, the late fees Teka charges for the armors are crazy.

A New Dimension has also been moved to a permanent home in the museum wing of the library. Now you can fully appreciate the mind-bending quest whenever you'd like!

Friday the 13th: Weal
The war is now static and available through Symone in Book 3. If you have any hero pieces laying about (gross) you can merge them into the new Blood of the Hero weapon! Or a Pile of Hero Pieces (really gross).

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