Wednesday, July 15, 2015

DC Time Walking


I've got a question for those of you out there that like giving us feedback. The other A.E. games, like AQ, have items that go along with their secondary currency packages. Right now only the $5 and $10 DC packages have items. Would you like to see a time based armor for one of the higher up packages? We have a few ideas on things to do for all of the packages and we also know a lot of you are asking for a way to get a time based armor, so is this something you all would like to see?

Just so all of you know. These would be permanent additions so you could always get them. Over time we'd then add new options so you could choose which item from that DC tier that you want. The intent isn't to generate a bunch of rares, but to thank you for purchasing a package by giving you a item or class along with it. The main focus is still the DC's and supporting A.E., but the item would be a gift as a thank you.

Do you like that general idea and what other types of things would you like to see in something like that? Let us know on the forums!

Tags: #Ashendal