Wednesday, October 28, 2015

DoomKnight Variant One

Just a quick update! The name of the Ruthless DoomKnight Armor has been changed to DoomKnight Variant One! While the "ruthless" fit well for the name of the original version, it ended up being confusing for new players buying the package since "Ruthless X Armor" sounds like it's better than just "X Armor" even though, while powerful, it was buggy.

With the change over of DoomKnight, we kept to the established policy we have with updating/changing DC items and wanted original buyers to be able to keep their access to the original version of the armor but, since the original version also tends to be game-crashingly BOOM-y, we definitely don't want to give the impression that it's better than the version that doesn't make the game window go explode-y.

I will go in and fix the badges for the armors tomorrow for you all! 

The finale for Mogloween and all the fun of trick-or-treating is coming on Friday! Tomix made up four of the masks this year but I got the rest! I went with some classic DF styles... and maybe one or two or lots of rocks.