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Friday, September 1, 2017

Engine Update and Mwrn!

Hello there, heroes!

This week sees the release of engine version 14.1.0!

As wilth all major changes, more minor changes and updates will be added according to feedback and necessity.


Primarily a combat update, the goal of this update was manyfold.So, here we go!

Engine Changes

  • Block, Parry, Dodge defense (BPD) now defends partially against attacks rather than negating them entirely, as well as each stat corresponding to a particular attack type.
    • Increasing BPD defenses will increase the odds of an attack turning into a 'glancing blow'
      • Glancing blows do 20% of the attack's original damage
      • However, critical hits ignore BPD
    • Block defends against melee attacks
    • Parry defends against pierce attacks
    • Dodge defends against magic attacks
    • Melee, Pierce, Magic avoidance (MPM) is unchanged.
  • Attacks now roll out of 180 to hit.
    •  Previously rolling out of 100 to hit, the changes to defenses drastically improves their effectiveness. This change compensates by reducing their effectivness.
    • Reduces the effectiveness of building super full tanky, although it is still a viable option.
    • Old defense skills may have lost a bit of effectiveness- this is to be expected and gives items with defense stats more use on certain classes.
  • Critical hits now roll out of 200, and weapon crit is no longer halved. Crit from items caps at 100 points.
    • Previously, halved weapon crit meant that weapons with odd numbered crit points would essentialyl just be rounded down to the nearest even number (e.g. 1 would become 0, 3 would give 1 effective crit). It wasn't very intuitive at all.
    • By unhalving crit and rolling crit chance out of 200, odd numbers of crit are entirely effective. A crit rate of 107 is a crit rate of 107/200.
    • Increases crit rate overall by a couple percent depending on items used.
  • Critical hit damage has been reduced to 1.75x damage. (Down from 2x)
    •  With critical hits able to bypass BPD defenses, their effectiveness has increased.
    • This damage reduction is to make up for that, as well as lower the damage output of some burst classes.
    • A couple classes have had their base critical hit damage increased to compensate.
  • Critical hit damage is now affected by LUK
    • The critical hit damage multiplier is increased by 1/1000th of your LUK. 200 LUK will result in a base 1.95x crit damage multiplier.
  • Bug Fix: Swapping items no longer removes the effects of applied status effects.
    • Previously, swapping items removed any stat buffs or debuffs from the player. this should be fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Notifications will now go away after battle.
    • It was a little weird that combat pop ups would still tell you about the battle even after you left. They now automatically close when battle is concluded.
    • You can still click on them to make them go away!
  • Bug Fix: Cooldowns now decrease on turns that the player is stunned.
    • This is pretty huge and increases the defensive potential of some classes. Before, when you got stunned, your cooldowns would not decrease- you'd be in a sort of stasis while your turn got skipped. Now, cooldowns will decrease.
    • Note that some class specific attributes will not be affected, for example, Atealan class specials will still not be affected by stunned turns.
  • Interface: Character info screen has been updated to reflect the engine changes.
    • Crit now includes the bonus crit recieved from LUK. (Can go over cap of 100)
    • BPD defenses now show their bonus from LUK as well.
    • Damage now shows total damage from weapon + stat bonus from STR/DEX/INT + damage bonus from LUK
    • Clicking on stats now has a notification that gives a brief explanation of what they do.

Class Changes

  • Archivist:
    • Celestia's Sorrow: Now affects MPM
  • Chickencow:
    • Chickensive Stance: Now affects MPM
  • Evolved Chickencow:
    • Chickensive Stance: Now affects MPM
  • Ascended Chickencow:
    • Dance of Protection: Tooltip changed to avoidance from defense. (Effect unchanged)
  • ChronoZ:
    • Phase: Now affects MPM
  • Cryptic:
    • Illusion: Now affects MPM
    • Cryptic base crit damage increased to 2x
  • DragonLord (All Versions):
    • Darkness Dragon Spirit: Now affects BPD
  • New DragonRider and Primal DragonRider:
    • DragonScale: Now affects MPM
  • DragonRogue, ShadowRogue, New Rogue:
    • Stealth: Now affects MPM
  • Entropy:
    • Rupture: Now affects MPM
    • Blood Womb: Now affects MPM
  • Icebound Revenant:
    • Fortitude of Frost: Now affects BPD
  • Kathool Adept:
    • Writhe: Now affects MPM
  • Ranger:
    • Quick Reflexes: Now affects MPM
    • Spotter's Shot: Now gives 200 crit, up from 100
    • -2 focus for using right side skills, up from -5.
  • Soulweaver and Master Soulweaver:
    • Soul Aegis: Now affects MPM
  • Necromancer:
    • Fear Ward: Now affects BPD
  • Ninja:
    • Has the updated player face!
    • Fade: Now affects MPM
    • Walk in Shadows: Now affects BPD (instead of just dodge)
    • Blurred Vision: Now affects BPD (instead of just dodge)
    • Paralyzing Slash: Now renamed Spider Venom
      • Counts as a venom for catalyst
    • Catalyst: Adds 25 to power boost per venom, up from 20.
    • Vanish: Bonus to Hit effect increased to 80, up from 30.
    • Base crit damage increased to 2.5x
  • Paladin:
    • Barrier: Now affects MPM
  • Pirate:
    • Sealegs: Now affects MPM
    • Backstab: Now affects BPD (instead of just dodge).
      • Reflects damage when you get hit as well as if the enemy misses.
  • Shadowhunter:
    • Night Shield: Now affects MPM

Challenge Arena:

  • Normal DoomKnight is now allowed in all challenges.
  • Beating a challenge will allow you to play it with DoomKnight V1.
  • DoomKnight V1 is currently not available to use in multi challenges or the random dragon challenge.

Be sure to experiment and have fun, and let me know your feedback on the official forums or Twitter!

And now, a word from Elryn about this week's quest release:

Another very strange message has appeared on the Swordhaven job board. There's nothing sinister or weird about this, right?


Greetings everyone

I have a little some thing to say before you go off jumping into the before last quest of the bunch of the Atgasedd series (Yes, you heard correctly. The next quest after this one will be the last of this filler arc).

I find it curious and innervating how at least some players have found this arc, composed entirely of filler quests, to be have been most curious. When I started making the Atgasedd quests series, they were meant to be small, asset light quests that would help Tomix have time to work on bigger, more important quests/content coming up. With limited assets and requirements, there are limits to what one can do.

To some not unwelcomed surprise though, I have noticed the keen interest to the bizarre, strange and sometimes possibly unsettling nature of these fillers and the speculation at length on just what these unusual requests all mean that has derived from them. As I am writing this, there is, predictably, quite a big grin on my face.

I will it leave there for now and wish you a good Hunt for Mwrn while I go work on the last quest of the bunch. The last quest will likely be a cutscene, but best not sit on your laurels: you may want to have acquired the different globs of the different Atgasedds by the time it comes.

The last quest’s name will be Unigedd.



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