is glad she's not in Willowshire.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Unlucky in Willowshire!

The start of Lucky Week is happening THIS week with the introduction of the Lucky Day Storybook! You'll be able to revisit the previous years of Lucky Day events AND get all the shamrockin' seasonal rares! But we wouldn't just re-release the previous levels of the weapons from prior years. This year we'll have NEW, higher levels!

So get ready to relive:

  • the Gold Fever! war, in which those gold-digging, box-hunting sneevils steal Falconreach's treasury!
  • the Ninth Time's a Charm random dungeon where you'll need to collect clovers to open a charming shop!
  • the Gild the World Gold war, in which Baron Au'mydas gains the power to turn everything he touches (and kisses!) to gold!

and NEXT week will unlock the Rainbow Bridge war and all SIX new game features, starting sometime Monday evening!

But that's not all we have in store for you this week! We've got a very unfortunate town full of people in danger from the Entropy Dragon and his many mayhem-causing minions!

While you, Fae, and Valencia are dutifully reporting to Guardian Fortuna in Willowshire, the Entropy Dragon is wreaking havoc! Watch as his monster-minions get in your way as they try to stop you from rescuing trapped townspeople. It's going to be a bitter battle, and you STILL don't know what happened to Trey and the Blade of Awe! If you're lucky- or possibly UNlucky- you'll find out soon...

Have a great weekend, everyone! We'll see you Monday with the start of Lucky Week!


We hope that all of our players in Japan and the surrounding areas are safe and healthy! All of our thoughts are with you as you work to rebuild. If those of you unaffected by this disaster would like to help, here is the website of the Red Cross, where you can donate aid.

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