Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday with Tomix: Fleshweaver

Hello boys and girls and everyone in between, today I wanted to show you the first look at Fleshweaver!


What you can see here is a rendering of a hero who, under Secundus' watchful eye(s), consumed Aegis and has become a murk (other name for a fleshweaver).

While being a fleshweaver, the hero can shape their body however they please and can weave with flesh, instead of soulthreads.

Left set of skills will be the fleshweaver "core" abilities, such as controling the enemy for a few turns and make them hit themselves or reforming your body into a weapon.

Right set of skills will be based on... the elemental spirits you have consumed. Yes, the feasting won't end on Aegis alone. You will unlock more skills as you eat more elemental spirits.

You will have a choice of only unlocking left side of the abilities, only right side, or both, if you're feeling particulary greedy.

The class will have its pros, as well as cons. You'll gain immense power, but lose Aegis... and maybe even humanity. I've had some other ideas, like quests being locked off, NPCs refusing to talk to you... but we will see.


You will learn more about the class from Secundus, in the future.