Friday, July 3, 2015

Fourth of July

Happy early Fourth of July to everyone!

This year we've got an extra special amount of items for you! Just like I did for Mother's Day and the various updates I've done for other holiday's this past year, all of the past Fourth of July weapons and items are back! The Canada Day items are also included in this because our northern friends deserve some cool items as well!

I made new levels for any of the older ones that needed them so that they go all the way to the current level cap! I also updated the specials to be a bit more competitive with today's weapons. (5 DoT per turn is soooo 2009) If you still have one of the original weapons your special got updated as well, so if you're still in that level range and want to use them you can!

Along with the older weapons and items, Dracelix made a brand new scythe for this year! This also has an "on hit" type special which means it can go off on ANY attack, not just with the basic attack button. (Think how the Doom and Destiny weapons work or even the 4oJ weapons I just updated) This effect will nerf your foes bonus by a decent amount, but it does have a low activation rate to make up for the fact it can go off on any attack.

In addition to this, if you've finished the Tomix saga for Book 3, there's a new hair shop in book 3 Ravenloss! You'll have to find him as he's a bit out of the way, but he's got some interesting new hairstyle's for your character!

We also have a brand new section on the forums called DragonFable Announcements. Scakk and Melissa4Bella worked on getting this setup for us. This is where we can put things that might not be enough for a DN post, but are still things that you all should know about. This includes things like Known Bugs, Fixed Bugs, and even the proper way to report bugs. I even made an indepth and detailed FAQ post about the changes coming to DoomKnight as I've gotten PM's, and E-mails, and lots of @'s on Twitter about it. It's a good idea to check this new section every once in a while so that you know what's going on and can get more info than just what the DN's have. While you're there you could also sign up for the forums if you haven't already and join in on any discussion in the main General Discussion area!

Geo's a bit under the weather, and has been since yesterday, so the release we were going to do in addition to these isn't quite done. As soon as she's feeling better we'll make sure it's out! I don't want to spoil the surprise of it though! (I'm taking extra Vitamin C so I don't get sick!)

We hope you all have a great weekend! We'll be back next weekend with a fun new quest! (Nothing sad I promise!)

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