Thursday, April 12, 2018

Friday the 13th Returns this Weekend

On Lore, heroes tremble at the approach of Friday the 13th, and for good reason. Historically, it is a time of fear, superstition, destruction, and above all…  undead! This weekend, log in and prepare to defend your home, whatever the cost. 

We will fight on the beaches, we will fight on the spawn points, we will fight in the *cough*... ok, we got a little carried away by the call to arms. But one thing remains true: no matter how unlucky this holiday may be, we will NEVER surrender to the mysterious, maniacal enemy or his millions of skeletal minions. Prepare FOR WAR!

Heroes fight wars for many reasons -- to protect the ones they love, to gain new ground, and for the sweet, sweet loot! This weekend, begin battling through our first Friday the 13th event of the year to get all-new war rewards

  • Unlock a special event scythe (levels 15-85) when the war meter hits 50%
  • All-new event-themed weapons for DragonCoins
  • Raise the war meter to 100% and battle the boss to unlock all-new wicked weapons from Dracelix shown above
Tags: #Alina