Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Frosty the Snowghoul

There were so many good names suggested on the forums! I loved Skele Claus (Dragonman), and Frosty the Snundead (Azan)! This song from Dracelix clinched it though:

Frosty the snowghoul 
Was a dark and evil soul 
With an ice cold heart 
And a Frostval hat and 
Two eyes of frozen coal 

Frosty the snowghoul 
Is a fairy tale they say 
He was made of snow 
But the moglins know 
How he came from life one day 

There must have been some magic 
In that old silk hat they found 
For when they placed it on his head 
He let out a howling sound 

Frosty the snowghoul 
Was alive as he could be 
And the moglins say 
He could kill and slay 
Just the same as you and me

Never trust this 'pet'...

The War Challenge Shop is now live in the war town! Unfortunately, I ran out of time for an update today but, never fear, there will still be a quest this week and don't forget about the LQS shop on Friday!

Tags: #geopetal