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Friday, January 14, 2011

What are YOU hunting for, Hero?

I know what I'm searching for: a cold Diet Coke and a good historical novel.  Then again, I'm not a hero. 

Now you, YOU are a hero, adventuring around the world, saving babies, kissing the rainforest (or was that the other way around?) and just generally being busy doing heroic things.  You're SO busy doing them, in fact, that we should probably see about getting you a secretary or personal assistant.  Someone to keep track of your schedule.  Keep you on task.  (Man, I wish *I* had one of those!)

And if you DID have someone to point you towards your next task (hey... wait... That's what I do...!), they would tell you that you have TWO new quests to go on this week.

First up is the next Willowshire quest!  Talk to Guardian Fortuna to begin a larger-than-life adventure fighting monsters almost smaller than you can see.  And for why?  All to find the location of the Nature half of the Orb!  (It's only natural to want to find it.)  You'll need to shake off that little bout of unconsciousness you ended the last quest with and get your rear in gear, because you're running out of time!

There is ALSO a Ravenloss quest on your schedule.  You'll need to journey to the center of the undercity and up Altar Hill in order to confront the ChaosWeaver High Priest! But that's not all, because there's a titan-fight that only DragonLords can handle.  So if you don't have an amulet on hand, you'll have to step back, because this big bad bug is out to SQUASH you for interfering with her subjects!  Oh, and try to find the Void Key while you're there.  You might have some help in your battle against the Priest, too. Just a little hint.  /smile




We are restocking some of our sold out items on HeroMart! (Not the Paladin Toilet Paper, sorry!)

Starting tonight (right NOW, in fact!) we have

150 calendars
30 Twillies
10 Small Mens Chickencow T-shirts
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20 3XL Mens Chickencow T-shirts

Next week EpicDuel shirts will be coming in!  The shirts will go on sale next weekend, so better get ready to get this EPIC gear!

It'll come with an unlockable achievement in EpicDuel and an AWESOMELY epic Cyber Hunter armor in AdventureQuest Worlds!


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Have a great weekend! See you on Monday!

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