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Friday, March 11, 2011

Get ready for what's coming in Lucky Week!

It's Friday! We are working very hard on tonight's release, but we also want you guys to be prepared well in advance for NEXT week's release! It won't be just a release on Friday during Lucky Week. It will be FIVE releases, one every day of the week!

Feeling lucky yet? Good, because I'm about to tell you what's coming each day so you can be all set for this most shamrockin' of weeks!

On Monday, we will introduce the new type of war we've mentioned already! With the Rainbow Bridge War, you will check in at the war camp, receive a token which tells the game you are participating in the war, and then you will be able to go out into the game and fight regular quests instead of pre-set war waves.

Each quest will drop an extra item (in addition to the normal loot you always receive!) related to what you are hunting for in the war. You won't need to turn in Rainbow Shards to raise the war meter; it will automatically be raised when you complete a quest!

In addition, your war participation— now and in all future wars— will be tracked on your character page! This is something completely new to DragonFable’s war system, and one we're very excited to introduce!

The character pages for upgraded players will track your participation in any war you take part in from this point on while free players will only have your data tracked for the last war you’ve taken part in.

Tuesday will see the overhaul and restructure of a very popular house-item functionality: the Armor Closet. This item, which you keep in your house, allows you to change between and save as default any item in-game to which you have access. It will be getting a new, easier to use, interface which will also be easier for us to update and maintain, which makes it more fun for you! This is a DragonLord-only feature!

On Wednesday we’ll introduce UNLIMITED bank storage for any item purchased with Dragon Coins!  In a game where we know you want to collect as much of the content as possible, we hope you'll find this a VERY welcome update! This is a DragonLord-only feature!

Thursday we will make daily quests available in-game! These will have a chance of giving you EPICALLY RARE componenets which you will be able to use to craft rare and powerful items and weapons!

Friday's release is something you guys have wanted for years, and we are now able to make it happen for you: achievements on character pages! Now your friends will be able to see ALL that you have accomplished. Bragging rights aplenty! This is a DragonLord-only feature!

As for Friday's release SPECIAL release, well, we're still keeping that under wraps because it's a surprise! With it will come DragonFable's Engine 10.0! We don't want to jinx it though, so you'll just have to make sure to log in this weekend to see one of the most game-changingest game changes ever to hit DragonFable! This is just a preview/demonstration of the system. (Note: this is not guilds. Guilds are not coming this week. Or soon.)

We know that many of the features coming next week are geared towards upgraded players, but we want to make sure we keep a Dragon Amulet worth buying! We are grateful for ALL of our players, but it's the DragonLords who keep our servers running. So, THANKS DragonLords!

If you would like to gain access to all of the awesome features associated with owning your own Dragon Amluet, why not consider upgrading your account?

Another Design Notes post will come tonight with news about the release, so we're going to go back to working on THAT!


Edited to add: the IGNetwork, a gaming website, spilled the beans about Friday's surprise early! By posting a press release WE sent THEM. I suppose we should have thought of that in advance when we decided to keep it a secret... Anyways, here's the blurb on the PLAYER-CREATED QUESTS SYSTEM that we'll be previewing THIS Friday!

DragonFable fans will receive a pleasant surprise come Friday: a playable preview of user-created content. Players will have the opportunity to build their own quests and cutscenes using the game's art assets and resources. If they are upgraded users, players can share their quests with friends using the character ID system.

Artix Entertainment hopes to stimulate and promote creativity in DragonFable's world. By offering users a chance to take on the role of game designer themselves, players can become an extension of the team that creates the game!

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