is having an UNlucky Day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Rainbow Bridge War is live!

Welcome to Lucky Week!

Log in and head to Falconreach, then click on the Lucky Day Storybook. It will now take you to Chapter 4, the (Somewhere Over the) Rainbow Bridge war!

The Rainbow Shatters opening cutscene will give you background information, and then you can head out into the game and fight your way through all the quests you know and love. Just about every quest which includes battles in it will drop Rainbow Shards in addition to regular loot IF you have decided to participate in the war. You do that by visiting the war camp.

The Pi Day shop is in Falconreach! Happy 3.14.......... and the hidden shop is, well, hiding somewhere in Willowshire. Good luck hunting!

More thorough and coherent Design Notes will be posted in an hour or two, but the DF team needs food. And when I get back to the Lab, I will tell you the sad tale of why Canada's Energy Commission doesn't want you to have an animated cutscene.

See you soon! Enjoy the start of the war!

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