unlocked an achievement!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

You've unlocked an achievement: Thursday's Release!

There's no badge for that, but we hope you enjoy today's release anyways!

Now CLICKCLICKCLICK your way to your character page because, if you have a Dragon Amulet, you ALSO have badges on your Character Page!

You will have almost all of the badges in the Quest Log in-game! (All except for the DoomKnight Armor badge. We can't do that for some technical reasons full of codespeak that Rolith explained twice before giving up on me.)

If you don't have a Dragon Amulet, you can still see all the badges you've earned by going to the in-game Quest Log, but you won't be able to just send all your friends a link to your awesome character page and say "Oh yeah? I TOTALLY completed the Ravenloss Saga, and I've got the badge to prove it!" and various justifiable boastings like that.

Have fun posting links to your character pages over the next couple days, and make sure to share with your friends whenever you unlock a new achievement! It'll magnify the coolness of earning it AND you'll have all the bragging rights you could hope for!

In fact, why not check out MY character page? I'm missing a few things, but not for long! Not when you can all see that I've been slacking! /shiftyeyes


COMING TOMORROW: Player Created Content System!


Rolith and I (mostly Rolith) will be working long into the night and tomorrow to get this ready for testing. We hope you'll keep us company on our Twitters! Mine and Rolith