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Friday, May 20, 2022

The Maleurous: Reawakening 25%

Hey there, heroes!

Congratulations on reaching 25% and freeing Uaanta from her dream! ...But there's a long way to go until you can reach Remthalas.

Lock and Key have done a good job of guiding your path so far, but as you ascend the depths, their influence can only help so much.

Somehow, Myalos has been pulled into the dream as well. And you'll need their help to proceed.

What dreams and nightmares await further within?

Reach 50% to unlock a Defender Medal shop full of new Maleurous themed cosmetic items... And then push further beyond.

And if you still haven't caught up with the Book 3 Maleurous Saga, now's a good time to visit Uaanta in Book 3 Falconreach (next to the glowy shrine!) and catch up!

Keep up the good work, heroes!

Some common questions/issues with this war:

  • Is there a time limit?
    • No. However, as this is the grand finale of the entire Maleurous saga, we're spending a lot of time on the milestones and war finale. We're working hard to stay ahead of you, but there's a lot of waves left! Once we finish our work on the war, we'll continue with our regularly scheduled releases. Our current estimation is that next week will have the Reforged Archivist release/Archivist class update while we finish the finale quest.
    • We will also continue to work on adding more wave variations as time permits.
  • These rare waves are too rare!
    • The chances for the new rare waves have been doubled.
  • These waves are taking a while to load...
    • Due to the sheer number of wave variations, sometimes waves can take a bit longer to load. We're trying something this week to help alleviate that situation, although we may need to take more action.

And that's all for this week! 

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