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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What do YOU want to see? (Part 2)

Yesterday we asked what you'd like to see in a "Best of 2010" shop.

Today we want to know: What older towns would you like us to revisit with a new random quest or two?  Any town we haven't updated in a while is fair game! So if you like the pirate/ninja zones, or maybe you're a fan of the frigid Dragesvard (that WOULD be appropriate in this wintery time), then this is the week for you!

Or perhaps you're more a fan of Oaklore?  Like the shiny, shiny knights, do you? (We do, too. Thanks to the power of Flash, their armor is permanently gleaming! No polishing necessary.)

Let us know on the forums!

On an unrelated but AMAZING note, a very nice player named Saber-guy sent Rolith and I a congratulations letter and marriage present to the Secret Underground Lab, even though we aren't married yet!  Faith was bouncing with excitement when she showed it to us this morning.  We'll be framing the letter, for sure, to remember his gift.  We knew that our players were epic, and this just PROVES it!  So, here's to you, Saber-guy, for making Rolith's and my day awesome!  Look for a thank you letter to come in the mail as soon as Faith gets to the post office.  You rock!