Friday, December 6, 2019

Release Delay

Hi Heroes.

It looks like the misfortune of the upcoming Friday the 13th has hit us early. Or maybe it was the fault of the final boss of the Exaltia Tower.

Verlyrus' internet is down, and we don't know when it'll come back up, as it is already the beginning of the weekend.

I will keep you posted and up to date about this issue, so that you are not left in the dark.

We are very sorry about this.

Until we have more news, you can still log in and participate in the latest permament main story war (and choose a faction you want to help out), or help out Ruby with her Thankstaking request (and visit Ovungu Zoyo for the first time!).

Let's start off this year's Frostval with this warm and cozy December set, Winter's Harbingers, created by Dracelix!

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