Peeks spoil surprises.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's a soulful sneak peek!

Wow, you guys sure are excited for the SoulWeaver DA-only testing on Friday!  And you've got some great ideas for skills and skill names.  Tomix will be checking over the thread to see which inspire him!


I have a love/hate relationship with surprises.  I love KNOWING a surprise is coming, but I never want to know what the surprise IS. Except I do. Because surprises are awesome. But I don't. Because that would ruin the surprise.  Anyone else feel the same way?

Maybe it's just me. So... back on track.  Assuming you DO like knowing what your surprises consist of, who wants to see two of the skill animations? You do? Excellent! Because I just happen to have a sneak peek of them here. 

Does that whet your appetite for the 8-skill class preview on Friday? Good!  It will make the wait longer, but the reward will be all the sweeter when you channel your Dragon Amulet and unlock the ability to load our newest (and one of our awesomest) armors yet!

And for a bit of funny to balance out the superomgawesomesauce-ness of the above preview, here's a soundbyte from an impromptu DragonFable team meeting in the Secret Underground Lab:'

(Long detailed explanation of the Willowshire quest that you will have to wait until Friday to learn about except for the thing that's going in that will make it awesome and I love the thing and Ghost is doing the thing and it will be perfect but back to the soundbyte)

Geopetal: So, yeah, And Ghost will be adding (the thing) and it'll run every time you go into a new room.
Rolith: BIG GROAN  and a /facepalm

Alina:  Rolith groans in pain when things are funny because it hurts him to be happy.
Rolith: That's one of the most accurate descriptions of my moods yet.
Geopetal: Awwwww!

Rolith is actually a very happy person.  You just have to approach him when he's petting one of his seventy-two cats to know it's true.

That's this Wednesday's Sneak Peek.  Enjoy imagining the rest of SoulWeaver's animations, because they are SUH-WEET!

* That's a lie. He only has three cats. It's also a lie that you should approach him when he's petting them. That's the worst time to ask him to do things. Rolith needs his kitty-time. It keeps him sane.**
** Only manly men acknowledge they need kitty-time. (Rolith said I could say this! :D)