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Friday, November 16, 2018

Thankstaking is here!

Hey there, heroes!

The fall breeze is blowing the leaves through the streets of Falconreach... it's the Thankstaking time of year again!

Check out the first part of this year's Thankstaking story in the Thankstaking Storybook, accessible from the Book of Lore.

Ahh Thankstaking. A time of food, fun, family, and friends. A time when we come together to enjoy each other’s company and be thankful for all the good in our lives. Whimsy takes us. But like all family gatherings, not everyone is peaceful and friendly and it’s inevitable that sooner or later, someone will need to have a walnut removed from a nostril.  Our Thankstaking is no different, and Voltabolt’s sister Joules is back at it again, along with her dastardly companions, the group known as the Felonious Five.

Enjoy this light hearted repast of mayhem and mild insanity….again… much like family gatherings. Thanks for joining me for this little jaunt.

A few game updates:

  • Rising Fire and Rift War have been updated with "Return to Atrea" Buttons instead of "Return to Falconreach"
  • Rising Fire Boss Fight (Wargoth Approaches) is now no longer playable without first watching the "Rising Fire Intro".
  • The Hamstorm weapons now reduce enemy ??? resistance by 100, instead of by 200. This brings it in line with the Frozen Claymore, instead of being absolutely overpowered.
  • Other misc. bug fixes.

Coming next week:

The Storybook Collection is going on sale for Black Friday!

It will be the perfect time to pick up this awesome house item that lets you access seasonal content all year round- for half price!


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