Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Search for a Fwend!

FwendQuest is going to be coming on Friday now! Which means you get another guaranteed week of Twigsmas!

What started out as a simple quest for the player to go out and find a new friend for Twig ended up growing as we got more and more ideas. So, to give all those ideas the proper due process and give you guys a better experience in your search for Twig's new best fwend we've delayed the release a bit! oishii has also offered to help out with one of the more complicated animation sequences since my geomations weren't exactly... gneiss.

DragonFable FwendQuest storyboardoishii has ideas!

Archivist Testing
DragonLord testing of the calendar class began on Friday! Archivist armor is unique this year in that new skills will be added and implemented over the course of the year alongside an epic quest chain that will highlight some of our heroes greatest moments. This means that the armor will change, evolve, and be rebalanced a lot over the course of the year so your feedback now will help to shape the armor and how Verlyrus and Tomix will build the rest of the skills.

Just to be clear, the quest chain is something that will be available to all players in-game! Archivist armor, once it goes live, will only be available to those who purchased the 2016 calendar from HeroMart.

We will be having one more week of DA-only testing and then the basic calendar armor should, barring any large explosions or giant bugs being found, go live for those who purchased the calendar at the end of next week!

Tomix Update
He's learning how to utilize his laser eyes and it seems to be going well! There have been no reports of supervillain activity from Poland so we think he's decided to stay on the side of good. Or he's setting up a sweet underground fortress somewhere (I, personally, think a volcano would be cooler…). One of those things.

He does have a doctor's appointment at the end of January though and, hopefully, after that appointment he'll be approved for work and you'll no longer have to put up with my geomations!