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Friday, March 4, 2011

An AWE-ful Turn of Events!

So far in this earthy Saga you've recovered the Secret of the Thorn; discovered the origin of the Elemental Orbs; met Trey Surehunter- Valencia's father- who's motives are suspect but who has managed to be helpful; saw a Salad and DIDN'T eat it; same with the Fruit Loop; fought golems sent by Sepulchure; watched as Fae (who is FINALLY in the game!) whisked to safety by Trey... you've seen and done a LOT.

But your adventures in the story of the Earth Orb are not over! Oh no no NO! You should have a REALLY bad feeling that Trey is up to no good. And if you don't, we'll wait until you start to.

... *waits*

... *looks at clock*

... *munches on leftover BBQ*

... *comes back to the Design Notes post*

Oh, good, it looks like you're done! So, we're all on the same page? Trey is suspicious? Yes? Yes!


But will your suspicions prove accurate? Is Trey really awe-ful? Does he not have Fae and Valencia's best interests at heart? Find out this weekend! Just click that Play button on the homepage and you'll soon have all- or most- of the answers you seek!

Now, you might think we're being deliberately secretive in this Design Notes post. More so than usual on a Friday. And you'd be right! *I* think we've given enough of a hint in the picture above. But if you REALLY want to know what's coming this weekend, click the link below the line of spoiler warnings.


This is the spoiler link. Click at your own risk.




Ok, maybe that wasn't all THAT much of a spoiler, but if you don't read the Newsletter, then you wouldn't have the awesome hints I dropped earlier in the week. But if you read the Design Notes- and you do- then you know what's going on now!


So. Are you ready for this earth-shaking quest? We've got a new style of gameplay thanks to Rolith's last-minute brilliance and a fantastic cutscene thanks to Ghost's right-on-time brilliance.

Release time is go! Play play play!

See you Monday when we'll have news and plans and interesting tidbits to share with you, as usual.



PS: We have removed two things from in the game, from two different town maps. When will you see them again? Who knows! (Oh, wait, we do. But we're not telling!) They are related to the Earth Orb Saga, though. That's your only hint.