Friday, March 25, 2011

Verteroche Escort

This has been a crazy week! I've been in Michigan all week telecommuting so I can help my parents out around the house after my Mom had surgery (give all your Mom's hugs by the way!). What was really fun was trying to send files to Rolith yesterday for six and half hours in between chores!

Alina has added a new set of wings to Maeve's Shop for Dragon Coins! If you liked the wings of the Fairy Queen last week, you're going to love these!

Rolith is still working hard on cutscene screation for player content. Keep an eye out for updates to that next week (none today though, sorry).

This week we've fixed the path to get to Verteroche. All you have to do to get to it is head into Surewood Forest from Falconreach and go north in the first part of the path. You're going to want to head into Verteroche Crossing and visit Faramonde who needs someone to pretect a caravan of special supplies to Willowshire! Can you keep the caravan (and the poor, overloaded Caravaner) safe from bandits, forest monsters and Gorgok's minions? Good luck and Battle On!

Tags: #geopetal