Friday, December 20, 2013


The Challenge has been issued... can you guys finish the war by tomorrow night! According the thread in the DF GD, you guys are speeeeeeeeding up! Frosty the Snow Golem can be yours if you help to meet the challenge!

DragonFable Frostval 13 war

Extra XP!
The 10% extra xp and gold has been live since the 7th, Rolith just didn't have time to post DNs... buuuut, since it had a stealthy implementation, we're going to leave it active through the holidays too!

The icy Eternity Joy will become available at 4:30pm EST, on December 27thOnly 1500 of the ice-element Eternity Joy scythe will be available at 450 DC each!

Huge congrats to San Robin and UltraPowerPie who graduated this month! Everyone should go and enjoy some of their favorite cheeses in celebration and congratulations for these two and everyone else who graduated!

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