Friday, August 6, 2021

Arena at the Edge of Time: Discordia & Ledgermayne

Hey there, heroes!

This month's Arena at the Edge of Time challenge has arrived, with two new additions to the 13 Lords of Chaos Board!

Follow along with Discordia's conducting, or be prepared to feel his wrath! And beware Ledgermayne's unending appetite for mana!

Defeat Discordia to earn a cosmetic scythe (that will gain an on-attack special at a later date), and withstand Ledgermayne to earn an element-matching, rotating, cosmetic weapon!

Do you have what it takes to dance around these chaotic foes?

Head over to the Inn at the Edge of Time to find out!



August's Dragon Coin special has arrived!

The Weapons of Change set has returned, along with a new matching cosmetic helm and cape- The Visage of Change and the Cloak of Change! These fantastic looking accessories are color custom and sure to brighten the fashionable look of any hero!



And lastly, some bugfixes and changes.

  • The pricing adjustment for the Dragon's Patience, Dragon's Rage, Dragon's Wrath, and Dragon's Bulwark trinkets has been completed.
    • To upgrade Dragon's Patience or Bulwark, you must purchase a Dragoncore Stone (for the Gold version) or a Dragoncore Crystal (for the Dragon Coin version), and merge it with your existing trinket.
  • Fixed the description of "Trickorice" in the Mogloween storybook, as well as added it to the "Supply and Demand".
  • Fixed the Rose Researcher's Mask not being properly color custom.
  • Completing the Book3 Main Stroy quest "One Step Forward" will now properly remove the current quest indicator. This will need to be redone if already completed.
  • Fixed Stryche having his old art in Book 1 Falconreach.
  • Fixed a layering issue with female Pyromancer and capes.
  • Double turns have been adjusted/fixed.
    • Defeating a target will no longer cancel your double turn if there are still enemies remaining.
    • However, some longer animations that previously canceled on enemy defeat will no longer cancel if there are other enemies remaining.



And that's everything for this week!

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