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Friday, November 3, 2023

Arena at the Edge of Time: Doomwood Duo

Hey there, heroes!

This week, the Beginnings board at the Arena at the Edge of Time has been updated with a new chapter: The Doomwood Duo!

In this week's challenges, the Arena takes you to Doomwood, where you'll face off against the one and only Artix von Krieger! And Zorbak's there, too.

Defeat them both to earn Zorbak's Staff, a cosmetic weapon with an On-Demand special that shields you for 1 turn and lets you counterattack the next with extra Boost and Bonus!

If you think you have what it takes to bring down the Doomwood Duo, head over to the Inn at the Edge of Time by clicking on the portal in the sky above Falconreach!

Also this week, November's seasonal specials have arrived!

Check out the new Verdant Gleam cosmetic weapon, as well as other returning seasonal items in the Book of Lore's shop pages!

Finally, an update:

  • Reworked and adjusted the hitboxes on some of the tabs in the Options screen and Book of Lore.
  • Anything else I may have forgotten!
  • Note: Zorbak's True Staff has had its cooldown increased from 14 to 25.

This is the final week to access the Mogloween Storybook (and the recent EbilTreats war!) before it leaves for another year!

And that's all for this week!

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