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Friday, September 8, 2023

Book 3: Geode Hunting & Specials Update!

Hey there, heroes!

Hidden away in a secluded grove in South Falconreach stands a stone statue of the legendary Geopetal. It's said that she holds the secret to riches and power... but only if you're worthy!

Find the statue, and be teleported to a forgotten twisting cave of gems under Lymcrest... and uncover the secrets within!

Unearth Geodes to obtain gemstones used to create cosmetic weapons! Each element of weapon has its own new special ability when slotted as well!

You can find Geopetal's statue in South Falconreach. Just head along the hidden path North-East of the southern bridge!

PS: Don't forget to clear your cache!

Which leads us to the next big update this week: On-Attack specials have been reworked!

On-Attack specials now no longer activate at random when pressing the Attack button.

There is now a new button specifically for activating their abilities. It might be better to consider them as On-Demand specials now!

On-Demand Specials:

  • Only classes that could previously use On-Attack specials can use On-Demand specials.
  • Special activation cooldown is based off of the special's original activation rate. (For example a special with a 5% activation rate will have a 20 turn cooldown, while a special with a 34% activation rate will have a 3 turn cooldown.)
  • When you enter a battle, your currently active On-Demand special will have a cooldown equal to half of its full cooldown. (A special with a 20 turn cooldown will enter battle with a 10 turn cooldown.)
  • Swapping to a new special or deactivating an active special, outside of the first turn of combat, will put the new On-Demand special on either full cooldown, or retain a higher previous cooldown.
    • However, you can freely swap specials on the first turn of combat with no penalty!
  • Specials with both On-Hit and On-Demand effects will not have their On-Hit effects deactivated while on cooldown. So these are especially valuable!

As a result of these changes, there have been a number of adjustments to On-Demand specials.

I do want to state that these changes are to bring everything into line while providing room to explore new and better specials in the future. That said, if further adjustments need to be made down the line, they will be.

  • While in the Inn at the Edge of Time, damaging specials can now do a maximum of 300% base damage (not accounting for any applied effects).
  • On-Demand special abilities are now locked to the element of the activated weapon.
  • On-Demand special abilities are now affected by Boost.

And now for some specific changes:

  • Axe-Blade/Dagger/Staff of Aww: 
    • Now requires the ability to hit to activate its heal/DoT. 
    • Heal/DoT values have been halved from 10% max HP to 5% max HP.
  • Frozen Claymore: 
    • Now requires the ability to hit to activate its -Ice effect.
    •  -Ice effect reduced to -10 from -30. 
    • +Fire resistance reduced to +10 from +25.
    • Damage reduced from 300% to 200% base damage.
  • Vanilla Ice Katana:
    • Now requires the ability to hit to activate its -Ice effect.
    • -Ice effect reduced to -10 from -30.
    • Added a +10 Fire res effect.
    • Damage reduced from 300% to 200% base damage.
  • Frozen Mace/Dagger/Wand:
    • Now requires the ability to hit to activate its -Ice effect.
    • -Ice effect reduced to -10 from -30.
    • +Fire resistance reduced to +10 from +25.
    • Damage reduced from 100% base damage.
    • Cooldown reduced to 5 turns.
  • Hive Ranger Halberd:
    • Now requires the ability to hit to activate its -Wind effect.
    • -Wind effect reduced to -10 from -30.
    • Damage reduced to total 180% base damage.
  • Blade of Destiny:
    • Ability damage reduced from 300% base damage to 200% base damage.
  • ChaosRager Weapons:
    • Cooldown reduced to 5 turns.

And then some more On-Hit specials adjustments!

  • Patriot Fury:
    • -Bonus effect reduced to -30 from -35.
  • Doom Blade of Sorrows:
    • -Boost effect increased to -25 from -20.
  • Ultimate Destiny/Unreal Doom/Penultimate Destiny/Corrupt Doom weapons:
    • DoT effect increased to 40% base damage.
    • Activation chance increased to 10%
    • Does not stack with 4oJ weapon effects (or each other).

Other fixes and adjustments:

  • Keybinds:
    • T now activates your trinket instead of B.
    • R now activates On-Demand specials
    • KNOWN ISSUE: The Keybind chart in Options does not yet properly reflect these changes.
  • Trinket and Special buttons:
    • Yellow name text is no longer covered. 
    • Yellow name text also now has proper dropshadow.
    • Other skill tooltips will now always appear over these buttons.
  • Erroneous log filters on certain characters have been removed.
  • Text for effects such as DoTs, HoTs and Stuns now use their effect description name if they have it, rather than their internal names.

And that... that's everything! Again, While your favorite specials may have been adusted unfavorably, we will be adjusting and reworking things as needed! And check out the new On-Demand specials available from Geode Hunting!

And that's all for this week!

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