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Friday, November 10, 2023

Book 3: Convergence - Threads of Trust & Crypt of the Lost Order

Hey there, heroes!

This week, we have two quests for you! Book 3 Convergence continues with Threads of Trust, and a new 125+ room dungeon is here: The Crypt of the Lost Order!

First up, the next quest in Book 3: Convergence - Threads of Trust! Return to Outpost Yeden and check in on Jaania as she confronts Akanthus after her latest revelations... And wherever that may lead!

Next, now available in the Braughlmurk region in Book 1 and Book 3, the Crypt of the Lost Order has been uncovered!

Delve into the depths of this multi-layered random dungeon in search of the fabled lost Light before it— or you— get devoured by the darkness!

When you reach the end, you'll earn the new Wings of Endless Light, or if you're very lucky, the Wings of Eternal Light! But if you're not quite so lucky, you can create your own Wings of Eternal Light, Reforged with 100 Shards of Light, found throughout the dungeon. If you explore every room, you're guaranteed to find at least 2 Shards every time you clear the dungeon!

Find the Crypt of the Lost Order in the Braughlmurk region of the Book 1 and Book 3 travel maps!

Also this week, we have a new cosmetic item: the Bound Apocrypha helm!

Bound Apocrypha is available from the Cosmetics Shop for 300 Dragon Coins.

Finally, a couple of fixes.

  • Fixed an longstanding issue where selling a Dragon Coin house would ignore the sellback grace period after the shop UI was closed.
  • The damage of enemies in the quest "Temple of the Four Winds" has been greatly reduced.

And that's all for this week!

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