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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Book 3: Convergence - From the Embers

Hey there, heroes!

This week, Book 3's main story continues! With the aftermath of Jaania and Akanthus' departure from Swordhaven Castle, Queen Victoria is left to pick up the pieces.

Head over to Queen Victoria in Book 3 Swordhaven to play the latest main story quest: From the Embers.

Also, if everything goes well, we should have a second main story release later this month! So here's hoping!

Also this week, some bug fixes and adjustments!

  • The Helm of Timeless Destiny cosmetic item is now available from the Time shop in Cysero's Superstore of Savings for 400 Dragon Coins.
  • Fixed an issue where the Self-Containment Unit v15.05 (cosmetic version) was not functional against the Fungal Behemoth.
  • Fixed an issue where Obsidian weapons of Doom could not be purified into Pristine weapons of Destiny in Artix's Purify shop.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to visit another player's house would not let you type certain numbers.
  • A merge for the Exalted Cloth requiring 10 Warbeast Residue has been added to the Exalted Armory merge shop.
  • The Oddtog and Chaos Lord Alteon's body parts now take damage from DoT effects.
  • The Shadowheart Bracer is no longer sellable, but is Dragon Coin tagged, allowing it to be stored in the bank for free.
  • Eulin II adjustments:
    • Haywire Lance tooltip is now accurate (+200 Crit and +100 Boost, instead of +200 Crit and +50 Boost)
    • Damaging the Cannon Arm now properly resets the Cannon Shield Charge.
    • Cannon Arm's single shots now apply Cannon Calibration to Eulin, increasing his Bonus by 30 if they miss, and the Cannon Arm is not broken.
    • If the Cannon Arm hits, Cannon Calibration decreases by 15. (Max 300, min 0).
      • In other words, if the single shot misses, Eulin gains +30 stacking Bonus, if the single shot hits, Eulin loses 15 stacking Bonus.
    • When under 25% HP, Haywire Cannon now has +75 Bonus, unless the Cannon Arm is broken. Haywire Cannon also removes Cannon Calibration.
    • Reactive Armor (hitcount shield) +All resistance decreased from +50 to +30.

And that's all for this week!

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