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Saturday, June 13, 2020

DragonLord Customization is Here!

Hey there, heroes!

This week, we have a special anniversary present for our loyal DragonLords. A new Dragon Amulet only feature: Cosmetic Class Customization!

Specifically this week, we have a number of options for the DragonLord class for you to mix and match and customize your look with.

You can now head over to the cliffside portal in Falconreach (The same portal as the Armor Paint Fairy) and teleport to Armor Customization.

While you can access this with any class, only DragonLord has options at the moment. Not only that, but if you haven't unlocked color custom DragonLord yet, you'll need to unlock that in order to access the new customization options for the class. You can upgrade DragonLord to color custom from the Armor Customization room itself, or by talking to Elysia in Sunbreeze Grove.

Huge thanks to Dracelix and True Mortal for providing art for some of the new customization options!

Color Custom DragonLord is now a customization option that you can mix and match with other parts.

We also plan to add Evolved and CC Evolved DragonLord to this system later as well- we'll have some adjustments, additions, and changes with this month's Reimagined release, including a change to DragonLord's overall color custom shading to be more striking and less subdued.

With all of these new options, we look forward to seeing your fashionable characters!

Also, we plan to release more options for other classes in the future as well. Look forward to customizing your favorite classes!

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