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Friday, October 20, 2023

EbilTreats Finale & Book 1 Timeline Tracker!

Hey there, heroes!

This has been quite the month! I haven't been around due to family issues, and Dove's fallen ill (he's still recovering!), and you've all completed the Friday the 13th war! This week, we've been able to finish up the EbilTreats finale, as well as add a main story tracker to Book 1's timeline!

First up, the EbilTreats war finale is now accessible! Follow The Trail of Myx, and put an end to the undead horde threatening to make a mess of Mogloween! You can play the finale from the EbilTreats war town.

Next, Book 1's timeline has been updated with a main story tracker!

As part of this, you may neeed to replay certain events or quests in order for it to be properly updated, as there were previously some quests that were not properly tracked that are now tracked.

The Undead Assault war has also been adjusted. You will now be asked to play a modified version of the quest when you first meet Ash in Book 1 Falconreach. Ash also now has a big yellow exclamation mark until you complete the Temple of the Four Winds quest.



Next, an update about the future!

Dove is still sick, so we will most likely do an AARGH update for next week's release to let him rest more. While I apologize for the lack of quest updates for main story or side stories this month, we only have one Dove! And his health is very important.

Next, as of now (subject to change), the next big project I have planned is the Doomed Mode rework. It's very technical, and balancing it to be actually fun and not just annoying or suffering will be very hard work, but I do want to add an option that makes basic questing more entertaining.

Hopefully Dove will recover soon!

Finally, we have a new cosmetic item available, and an update to this month's seasonal shops!

The Reaper's Haunt helms are now available from the DC cosmetics shop!

The Reaper's Haunt helm comes in two versions: normal and spiked! They cost 325 Dragon Coins each.

Also, the Insane Pumpkin Stack, Oversized Cookie helm, and Pumpcake Scepter have returned to the Seasonal Shops tab in the Book of Lore! These wacky items will only be around for a short time, so check them out before they leave!

And that's all for this week!

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