Friday, November 2, 2018

Failed Doom Challenges

Hey there, heroes!

Something Evil stirs in the Arena at the Edge of Time. The Failed Doom challenges have appeared on the Unfortunate Souls board!

failed doom

Your old foe Sepulchure returns, wielding his Necrotic Blade of Doom. He's surprisingly resilient, so beware. Caitiff has also appeared, although... she doesn't seem to recognize you. Odd.

Defeat them to earn the Distorted Doom Helm, an extremely powerful helm that is definitely not going to turn you into the next champion of Doom.

If you can defeat them both at once, you'll earn the resource required to merge the Doom Figmini pet, a handy friend who does good damage and helps recover your mana.

Head over to the Inn at the Edge of Time and face down two of DragonFable's mightiest villains!

In other news, the Mogloween Storybook will be leaving next week, so enjoy those stories while you can!

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