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Friday, September 24, 2021

Book 3: Reimagined: A Hero of the People

Hey there, heroes!

This month's Reimagined release has arrived!

Starting things off, we have the latest Reimagined quest! The quest "B.F.C." has been replaced with "A Hero of the People".

Last time, you returned to Falconreach, and spoke to Ash about the Vind's supply and refugee problems. He promised to look into what we he could, and implored you and yoru dragon to take a break.

Is rest finally in sight? Or is a hero's job never over?

This quest can be accessed from Kara's past quests in Sulen'Eska. The quest's rewards have been updated to level 90 as well.

The next reforged Time armor is here!

Reforged TimeKiller is now available!

Reforged ChronoZ is coming soon, as well. If you already own the originals, you will have the Reforged versions added to your inventory for free. Otherwise, you'll need to purchase them from Stryche's Time shop.

And of course, balance adjustments and bugfixes!


  • Phase
    • Cooldown decreased from 9 to 7.
  • Blink
    • Cooldown decreased from 34 to 16. Reverted.
  • Kick
    • Cooldown increased from 4 to 9.
    • Effect changed to +50 Health for 5 turns, from -100 Flee for 20 turns.
    • MP cost increased to 20
  • Cripple combo finisher duration increased to 6 turns, from 2.
  • Dimensional Stab cooldown is now a proper cooldown.
  • A widget has been added to track your last two combo parts


  • Power Shots
    • Cooldown decreased from 2 to 0.
    • Damage decreased from 2.75x base to 2.5x base.
    • Consecutive uses without using other skills in between will increase damage by .25x base per use.
  • Rain
    • Damage increased from 1.4x base to 1.6x base.
  • Thief of Time
    • Cooldown decreased from 39 to 12.
    • Automatically crits.
    • Applies a .2x base damage DoT for 5 turns.
  • 3:10
    • Duration of +crit effect increased from 4 to 5 turns.
  • Break
    • Cooldown decreased from 7 to 5.
    • Effect increased to -30 Boost.
  • Shield
    • Effect increased to 180 defenses, up from 90.
  • Lightning Flash
    • Effect increased to -70 Bonus, up from -50.
    • Duration reduced to 2 turns, from 4.
  • Accel
    • Now provides +180 Avd for 1 turn, in addition to its healing.
    • Cooldown increased from 9 to 10.
  • Boost
    • Now provides an additional +60 Bonus on top of its existing Boost and MP regen.
  • Fixed a few weird effect descriptions and cleaned up skill names.
  • Elemental appearances have returned, although there is some flickering of effects that we have not been able to solve.


  • Fixed a few keybind issues.
  • Swab CC customization has been added to Pirate.
  • Pirate's Matey and Navigator customization is now color custom.
  • In certain quests where keybinds are disabled, they are now re-enabled in battle.
  • The Reckoning has been added to Uaanta's Maleurous board.
  • The Scythe of the Soul's Song now has an on Attack special.
    • 20% chance to deal 3 hits of 70% base damage, and apply -10 Boost for 4 turns.
  • The way the game loads files has been reworked. It now loads them one at a time rather than all at once. This may result in slightly longer load times after cache clears, but also should eliminate any crashing during character loads.
  • (other stuff that i've forgotten)


And that's all for this week! Next week, A.A.R.G.H. is being updated, along with other things!

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