Friday, May 10, 2019


Hey there, heroes!

Last time in Book 3's main story, you managed to save yourself from the grasp of the Magesterium of Nieboheim with the aid of Khvorost, the chaosweaver! This week, as you sail across the seas, back home to the Land of Dragons, Falconreach, and Sulen'Eska, there's not much to be done except chat with your newfound ally.

Just who is Khvorost? Can he be trusted? And when is he going to call in on that favor you owe him?

Head over to Nieboheim's First Halo to play this week's quest: Khvorost!

Also this week, some slight Technomancer adjustments!

  • Sonic Boom Blaster
    • -Immobility and -Bonus duration has been reduced to 1 turn, down from 5 turns.
    • -Bonus effect has been increased to -50, up from -20.
  • Tog-Drone
    • Damage on use reduced to 25% base damage, down from 100%.
  • Overclock
    • Cooldown increased to 13, up from 11.

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