Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Pet Changes Update

Hey there, heroes!

The bugs have been fixed with pet equipping, and after reading feedback and discussing the subject, as well as creating some groundwork in the game engine for future pets, I've decided to go ahead with re-allowing pet swapping in battle.

So what does this mean?

  • You can change your pet (equip, unequip, etc) on your turn.
  • You cannot do this on guest or pet turns.

But what about the future and unrestrictive pet design?

I've spent some time and implemented a system that will allow pets to share rotational cooldowns. This means that future shield pets will be able to share cooldowns with Baby Chimera, for example, and future pets that stun will be able to share cooldowns with Mewphant. Other effects can also share these cooldowns, and while currently or in the future they may be unintuitive, I believe such things can be rectified when the time comes.

There has been one balance update with this release, though.

  • Baby Chimera has had its shield reduced in power significantly.
    • Its shield used to provide defense equal to 1.25* level + CHA/2, resulting in 235 B/P/D at level 90 with 200 CHA. This has been reduced to Level + CHA/4, resulting in 145 B/P/D at level 90 with 200 CHA.

I apologize for the rate of major changes, and I appreciate all of the feedback.
As always, thanks for playing Dragonfable, and thank you for your support!

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