Friday, March 22, 2024

Book 1/2 Reimagined: Braughlmurk

Hey there heroes!

This month's Reimagined release is here! On the northwest coast of Greenguard, nestled between the mountains, lays the ruins of a once proud paladin order...

Braughlmurk was once a strategic harbor stronghold, until it came under attack by necromancers. In the ensuing battles, the entire area was ruined and tainted.

Now, many years later, the spirits of Light and Darkness still remain...

We've completely reworked the Braughlmurk area and quests to facilitate upgrading those Doom and Destiny weapons, and DeathKnight relics!

Braughlmurk Cape now has 3 quests available:

  • The Tower, which will reward you with Braughlmurk Bindings.
  • The Crypt, which will reward you with Shadow Bone Shards.
  • The Battlefield, which will reward you with both!

The Tower and the Crypt are both short quests with unchanging layouts to facilitate questing. However, they also both contain an optional bonus enemy that drops 4 times the normal experience and gold, should you choose to fight them!

The Battlefield, however, is a 400 room random dungeon that has a high chance of rewarding you with either Bindings or Bone Shards in dead end treasure rooms. Finding the end of the battlefield will only reward you with one of either of the two resources— so completing the quest is not necessary for the most rewards.

Ennwen will now also only forge Destiny weapons. As for how you'll empower your Doom weapons... you'll have to explore and find out!

There are also 4 new cosmetic helms available! These new paladin helm recolors are available for either 13 Braughlmurk Bindings or 13 Shadow Bone Shards each.

Head over to the ruins of Braughlmurk Cape to explore this month's Reimagined release!

Also this week, a bug fix!

  • The Astravian DeathKnight customization no longer improperly uses the Spectral DeathKnight mouth.

And that's all for this week! A bit of a lighter release, since we're still recovering from last week's epic main story finale beginning.

That still leaves one more week for this month though... And we're going to be doing our best to bring you Convergence (Part 2)!

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