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Friday, July 29, 2022

Book 3 : Reimagined: A Day For Farewells

Hey there, heroes!

We have a pretty packed Reimagined release for you this week! We begin with a new quest that ties together the Sulen'Eska rework to Swordhaven!

With new DragonLord allies, and The Rose repelled at great cost and risk, it seems Kara has finally decided on the next step for you to take...

Head over to Kara's old quests in Sulen'Eska to play the final Sulen'Eska main story quest: A Day For Farewells!

After A Day For Farewells, the rewrite of Sulen'Eska ends! The timeline is complete!

But this isn't the end! This week, the next quest in The End of Magic, "Unbound", has also been rewritten.

In the future, we will also be updating the hero's first visit to Swordhaven to better clarify your objective. The Espina Rosa quests also need to be reworked and moved to The Shears!

We have plenty more quests and stories to Reimagine- we'll see where the future takes us!

Next up, the Bank of Falconreach has had a huge overhaul!

Featuring a new UI created by 133Spider, and made pretty by Dracelix, the bank is now better than ever! Bugs, typos, etc, have all been fixed! Head over and enjoy the new quality of life and preview options! The bank shops also now no longer require extra clicks to leave the bank!

Some known issues:

  • Scrolling/Using the arrows to navigate the bank/inventory doesn't scroll at a reliably constant number.
  • Necklace icon is asymmetrical across the game.

Lastly, beyond the bank update, we have a number of other exciting adjustments and improvements.

  • All Arena at the Edge of Time rewards should now be Dragon Coin tagged.
  • Added search modifier info to the inventory's default detail text.
  • Inventory item previewing has been updated to hopefully show the entirety of the item. (May fail with exceedingly tall stacks of pumpkins or other silly items).
  • The >DA, >DC and >Equip search filters have been added to inventory searching.
  • The previous Build # and Outfit # terms have been changed to >Build # and >Outfit #.
  • Dragon Coin tagged items now have the proper font color in merge shops.
  • A Flee Battle button has been added to the Options menu, which will return you to your last checkpoint (Often the start of the quest).
    • Can only be used in battle, on your turn, when you are not using DragonRider.
  • Adjusted a couple lines of Darkon's dailogue in his battles in the Arena at the Edge of Time to better match his AQW fight.
  • The Vault house item now only requires one click to access your bank.
  • A new Vault (Modern) house item is now available from the DC Wall house item shop for 100 DCs.

And that's all for this week! Phew, that was a lot! Huge thanks to our testers for helping to test things thoroughly!

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