Friday, September 14, 2018

Hey! Delay! Saturday! OK!

Hey there, heroes!

I'm afraid the next main story release will have to go live tomorrow, on Saturday. I just couldn't keep working through these tears! The animation proved to be too robust and I just need another day to finish it!

You'll be in for the treat, at least! As your hero continues gathering information and joins the Nieboheim Guild of Heroes, Jaania starts development on plans that may change the world of Lore forever... until she's interrupted by some unexpected visitors.


Hello! Verlyrus here!

In the meantime, to tide things over, I've prepared some very special challenges! I've been receiving a lot of feedback that The Emperor of the Sea Chickens and The Unraveler may have been a bit too simple as far as Arena Challenges go.

So this week, I'd like to introduce Extreme challenges!

The Emperor: Extreme and The Unraveler: Extreme are now available from the Azaveyr page at the Inn at the Edge of Time.

These two challenges each drop a resource that will be used to create a special reward in the future. If you can handle them.

Good luck!

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