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Friday, May 24, 2019

Song of the Ateala

Hey there, heroes!

Last time in the main story, after your return from the Shapeless Empire, you had just arrived back in Sulen'Eska when multiple requests for aid arrived the Sandsea. A mysterious rift had opened in the Sandsea, and ice elementals and strange beasts were pouring out, covering the desert in ice and snow.

Surprisingly, one plea for help came from the Rose presence in the town of Duat. The other request for help came from the floating city of Atrea, home of the remnants of the magical Ateala race.

And so, you traveled to Duat and barely managed to help its citizens escape before the town froze over.

This week, you've arrived in Atrea to help the Ateala. Atrea still floats, protected by its magical barriers... but for how long?

It's time for a war.

Also this week, a bunch more fixes. Yay!

Challenge Arena

  • Unraveler & Extreme Unraveler
    • Fixed bug where the Nightmare scream would alternate between Good and Evil elements.
    • Fixed bug where regular Unraveler's Drain attack had 200 bonus, instead of 50.
  • Sinnocence
    • Fixed bug where Sinnocence's Blinding Light DoT was incorrectly labelled as a buff (Resulting in 1 less turn of effect, and no effect pop up).
  • Endless Invasion
    • Fixed bug where the Togskin buff could be overwritten by other skill effects.
    • Fixed bug where the Togskin buff was being applied twice
    • Fixed bug where the Tog Venom DoT was never applied after floor 80.
  • Sciuridaehotep
    • Fixed bug where "No Buffs" would remove Stuffed.

General Fixes

  • Master of Puppets (Book 2)
    • Fixed issue where some classes would not be able to reach the healing pad.


  • Evolved ChickenCow Armor
    • Dragon Coin sellback price reduced to 45, down from 50, to match the original ChickenCow armor.
  • Dragonslayer, Doomknight V2, Ninja, and Evolved PumpkinLord have had various effects properly tagged as buffs (where previously they were either not tagged as buffs or incorrectly tagged)
  • Kathool Adept
    • Fixed Migraine (for real this time)
  • ShadowHunter and Chrono Z
    • Fixed Shield skills (for real this time)

And that's all for today! Thanks for your support, and thanks for playing DragonFable!

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