Friday, October 5, 2012

Locks, Books and Bugs!

Well, unfortunately, some things went BOOM this week! So, we're not going to be freeing those docks just yet....

What we wanted to do for this week was present you with this!

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Monday, September 12, 2011


A new week is here and it's time to roll up our sleeves and get started with the bug smashing! We're going to start right at the beginning and focus on Oaklore this week, getting bugs and errors fixed up. Feel free to join on and help with the smashing!

Dragon*Con Pet!
May I also present a preview of the 2011 Dragon*Con pet! Tomix is working hard on wrangling this fiery little DragonPony as we speak and it will go to all of those fans who visited us at Dragon*Con. Thank you for coming out and supporting us!

DragonPonies and Fire and Ponies and More Fire!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

9.8.0:2351 – Fixin' The Engin'

So, reading the response to Obsidian Tog made me realize something: I’m not being evil enough.
Also there have been several bugs with the combat engine that have been left alone for far too long and it was about time I stopped avoiding the maze of code that is our TWO separate battle engines (one for new quests and the legacy one from pre-9.0 era that runs the majority of fights in DragonFable even still) and fix the problems.

What’s been fixed in 9.8?  I’ll do a quick list for those of you wanting a cliffnotes:

  • Having negative stats will no longer deal zero damage – true for both players and monsters
  • Weapons with on-hit specials will now only affect the hit they trigger on – not continually hit every strike after the first one in a special

These bugs were both in the player’s favor and as such lower priority, but they lead to a very unbalanced game that resulted in some armors being far more powerful than ever intended (looking at you ChickenCow Lord).  These bug fixes will let us make more classes with fun animations and more weapons with on-hit specials.

These bugs were tracked down thanks to the help of the community, a bonus big props to our bugs lead Verlyrus!

The Battle Engine is held together with string and sheer force of will, so playing inside it is like poking a cobra with the Cobra Annoying Stick (Patent Pending Ebil Corp).  Things will go badly.  Very badly.  It went about as well as you’d expect.

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knows The Dragon's Secret

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fixing, hunting, reading, oh my!

Happy Friday! 

It's definitely Fall today, even in Florida, and you can see pumpkins decorating homes and stores all throughout the area, so what better time to release a Gourd Hunt? 

Rare gourd Rewards will be dropping from MANY quests throughout the game from this Friday to next, so you'll want to replay as many quests as possible in order to get your rare, never-seen-again gourd items! 

Here's what you'll be hunting for:

  • Shiny Gourd (level 10) and Mighty Shiny Gourd (level 40)
  • Flaming Gourd (30) and Purple Flaming Gourd (50)
  • Platinum Pumpkin (20) and Glowing Platinum Pumpkin (60)

There are three new items which the pumpkins will grow into, a low and high level of each, all made by True Mortal!

If you don't feel like farming (because you don't really HUNT gourds, do you?) for the gourds, then we have a solution for you!  You can talk to Cysero outside his Superstore of Savings in Falconreach and just BUY yourself some gourds!

Of course, Nature takes her time, so the Dragon Coin gourds will also take a week to grow into the items. But for those of you with the Coins and a lack of time, this is a great way to ensure that you get a chance to grab these awesome items!

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