Friday, May 31, 2019

The War Continues...

Hey there, heroes!

As the elemental forces close in around the floating city of Atrea, the Song of the Ateala war continues! Defend the city as you make your way toward the massive warbeast that has appeared from the rift. It's your job to take it down, but you have to get to it first!

Now is the perfect time to build up a stock of Defender Medals for consumables, or to upgrade the powerful Defender items.

You're nearly there- as of these Design Notes, you're almost at 75%!

The end is within sight. Can you stop the warbeast before Atrea's barrier falls?

June arrives tomorrow!

Starting tomorrow, the Doomed Dragon Scythe of Elementals and the Ancient Dragon Scythe of the Elements will be returning to the Book of Lore for the month of June!

These amazing weapons will allow you to change your element in the middle of battle, all in a single weapon! Make sure you obtain them before they leave!

Also, starting tomorrow, for the month of June, Dragon Coin packages (except for Dragon Amulets and DoomKnight packages), will provide 50% more Dragon Coins!

Check out the Design Notes tomorrow for more information.

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